Lost Judgment Boxing Gym Guide – Best Skills, Minigame Tips

Spar a moment.

In case fighting goons on the streets of Ijincho and Kamurocho wasn’t enough for you, Lost Judgment invites you to fight in the ring, as well. The Boxing Gym is one of the clubs in School Stories, introducing itself as an intriguing minigame with its own combat elements. This guide dives into some general tips so you don’t lose your ground, as well as the best Boxing Gym skills to choose.

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How Does the Boxing Gym Work in Lost Judgment?

Don’t expect any training courses here — it’s all about the thrill of the fight. Yagami is tasked with taking down sparring opponents in the ring. Beat enough of them and you will unlock a Showdown, which is an encounter with a key character. These are the ones that will advance the storyline. It’s gonna take a while before you can face Oshikiri again, but you’ll need all the practice you can get.

The minigame works as a rather tame yet entertaining take on other boxing games. Instead of making use of his fighting styles, Yagami will have three different attacks to use, as well as the ability to block and dodge. Moving the analogue stick left or right impacts the direction of your punches, while moving it up or down changes the elevation (aiming at the head or the stomach, respectively).

That’s the gist of it, and remains as is throughout the entire storyline. That being said, your opponents will have different behaviors, spicing things up. Luckily, with every fight you’ll obtain experience points that will level up four stats: Power, Health, Stamina, and Guts. None of these have much of a visible effect, and in our experience we didn’t need to grind past fights. But the option is there in case you need some advantage.

Most importantly, there is a specific skill tree for the Boxing Gym minigame. Skills here cost yen, not SP, and there are 21 of them. Most are available right away, while more specific ones have to be unlocked by defeating certain opponents. The requirement is always explained in the skill’s description, so don’t fret.

Boxing Gym Minigame Tips – Lost Judgment

As mentioned, this isn’t a complex minigame by any means, but it does require you to act differently compared to the usual street fights. Sparring can last up to four rounds, with each boxer having up to three lives. If a health bar is depleted, that boxer will fall, and there will be a traditional count of ten seconds. If Yagami is on the floor, you’ll have to mash a button for him to get up. If four rounds pass and neither is KO’d, the verdict will come from points majority (how many punches you landed versus how many you receive leads to the result.)

Instead of a technical playstyle, we recommend just spamming punches at enemies, regardless of their own patterns. You have to be mindful of your stamina, though, as you can’t keep punching indefinitely. But it doesn’t take long for stamina to recover, so moving around the ring for a few seconds should do it.

As opponents become more fierce, you’ll have to keep an eye on special attacks. Whenever a boxer’s gloves start glowing in a color, you can expect them to unleash a flurry of attacks or a powerful punch that can leave you stunned and vulnerable to follow-up strikes. Pay attention to your EX meter as well, and use it as soon as it becomes available — unless the round is about to end. If so, it’s best to hold on for the next.

Some fighters are more prone to blocking than others who are more on the reckless side. With the first, focus on dealing hooks first and foremost. As soon as you hear a *cling* sound, this means the opponent’s defense is broken. Quickly follow up with a straight punch to the head, and then it’s rinse and repeat.

If they’re aggressive, there is a good way to defend yourself. If you either attack or dodge while your opponent is about to punch you, you’ll gain a few seconds of slow motion to either move or counterattack on the spot. Most of the time, this will happen without you expecting it, but it’s useful to know with boxers that have fixed attack patterns that get repeated throughout a match.

Best Skills to Choose in the Boxing Gym Minigame

In any case, skills can really turn things around if you’re getting cornered by a specific opponent. Skills can be purchased before fights, and they range from fairly bizarre and complicated movements to ones you’re probably already doing on your own.

You can see your skills by pressing pause, in case you need a refresher, but you won’t be able to buy any new ones during fights. Keep in mind that not all of them are mandatory and it’ll be best if you save your hard-earned yen for other activities. But if you’re curious about the best choices, you can find our favorites below:

  • Quickstep & Hook: Since we’re going for a rather aggressive approach during fights, it’s best to use dodge often and counterattack when possible. For this, Quickstep & Hook allows for a quick hook or uppercut just as your opponent attacks after dodging him.
  • Uppercut: You can combine this with Quickstep & Hook, and it’s an overall powerful attack that is perfect to break your opponent’s guard. It does come with a higher stamina cost than usual, however.
  • Ethereal Weave: If you’re opting for the previous two skills, pair them up with Ethereal Weave to charge the EX Gauge with every successful evade.
  • If you are more comfortable blocking, we recommend purchasing Guard & Jab and Block & Strike as soon as possible. Both skills are fairly cheap (5,000 and 8,000 yen respectively), and will allow you to throw a punch just as the enemy attacks your guard.
  • Block Master: If you’re opting for the previous two skills, pair them up with Block Master to charge the EX Gauge with every successful block.
  • Reapervision: This is a nice passive to have, as it will boost the EX Gauge charge when you’re low on health.
    Speedster: Lastly, you can’t go wrong with Speedster, which increases your attack speed during EX Boost. Grab this one as early as possible!

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