Lost Judgment Biker Gang Guide – Tips to Defeat All Four Gangs

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Lost Judgment is full of surprises, but going undercover in a motorcycle gang probably wasn’t on your bingo card. The Biker Gang is one of the clubs in School Stories, and introduces a racing minigame. Yagami is tasked with beating four different groups from the underground scene in Ijincho, which can be a tricky feat to accomplish. This guide dives into the Biker Gang racers you’ll be facing, as well as both general and strategy tips for each group.

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How Does the Biker Gang Work in Lost Judgment?

It wouldn’t be a minigame from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio without its own twist. Yagami will have to take part in Death Races, which are underground contests where everything goes. This means you’ll often be kicked or hit with a pipe in the best case scenarios, while in others you’ll have to dodge fireworks and amplifiers often.

In order to progress through the storyline, Yagami is tasked with beating three leaders before the chance to race against Suou, the key character of the club. For this, you first need to win against the top racers of each gang:

  • Bakuon Rairyu: Matatabi, Shungiku, Imogashira, and Hanasaki, the leader.
  • Raging Angels: Rabuho, Coconut, Seiryoin, and Rina, the leader.
  • Ghost Faction: Mikitaka, Kaino, Gudo, and Ghost, the leader.
  • Made in Heaven: Oyamada, Kim, Asama, and Suou, the leader.

This makes for a total of 18 races. It’s as time-consuming as you would expect, but once you know what to expect from each gang, it’s easy to prepare yourself. Before each Death Race, you can access a shop in the garage to customize your bike. This includes anything from parts to upgrade speed or durability to paintjobs. Style is important for sure, but it’s always best to invest a few thousand yen into some upgrades. Keep in mind, though, that each time you beat a gang, you will receive a new bike for your collection.

Biker Gang Tips – Lost Judgment

All in all, races are fairly simple. You only need to worry about accelerating your bike, as turns are performed automatically, while also using boost whenever possible. As for the combat aspect, you’ll find yourself attacking and defending yourself from racers by blocking their attacks.

For each leader you race against, you first need to go through a specific amount of subordinates. The goal is to take all of them down either by ramming your bike or hitting them while you’re using boost. In the meantime, don’t have to worry about the leader winning or escaping. The actual race only begins after taking down all subordinates.

In terms of general actions, it’s hard to remember that the motorcycle turns automatically. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but keep this in mind while performing certain actions. Yagami can do a wheelie while in a straight line and drift while turning.

These are great ways to increase your boost meter so you can earn yourself a speed boost to use whenever. But they come with limitations. If you’re doing a wheelie, make sure to do so in short bursts; otherwise, you will lose speed as penalization. In comparison, drifting can be done indefinitely as long as you’re turning. If you hit either side of the race track in the process, though, it will impact your speed as well. But a big advantage over wheelies is that you won’t be affected by road traps such as puddles or sand during a drift, which is huge. Also, you can block incoming attacks while drifting without losing speed.

As per confrontations with enemy bikers, their attacks can interrupt your boost. Moreover, if you get hit enough times, the bike will be damaged, suffering a speed penalty. You will move slower and, if it continues, end up with a game over screen that will have you restarting the race. If you manage to take as little damage as possible, you’ll be rewarded with extra yen at the end of the race.

Depending on your motorcycle capabilities, using boost and trying to ram somebody at the same time may not work as intended. Instead, it’s best to boost forward against another racer. You only need a subtle impact to take them down. Leaders will only use speed momentarily after you hit them with either of the two options, which can be useful either way. Just keep an eye on the symbols below the leader’s face on the top right corner of the screen. Whenever any of them are in red, it means they have a boost available. Hitting them to take the lead will usually trigger this, so be careful. If you’re close to the finishing line, save the boost for the very last moment.

Each gang has its own set of attacks. Death Races become more complicated over time, so it’s best to come as prepared as possible. Here are some tips for each of the four gangs. Remember: blocking is your greatest defense:

1. Bakuon Rairyu

The specialty of this gang revolves around fireworks. At times, Subordinates will throw explosives either directly or ahead of Yagami. Make sure to block to guard yourself from damage. For direct attacks, be wary of the crosshair on Yagami once it’s about to turn red.

During the race against Imogashira, he will introduce a new attack where he launches several fireworks at once. Make sure to hold the defense button until they cease. All in all, the first gang is fairly simple. Take this as an opportunity to get used to drifting often and blocking as soon as an attack comes your way.

2. Raging Angels

The specialty of this gang revolves around speakers and sound waves. Yes, really. In practice, speakers are similar to fireworks. Sound waves can be blocked as well, but can be rather disruptive if they hit you. Yagami will be stunned for a short yet significant period of time, especially if you were about to finish the race.

While sound waves aren’t aimed at you as fireworks, the attack indicator will appear on the floor. Keep an eye on how the colors get close to red in order to block the sound wave on time. One thing you can do is “bait” the attack by staying in one lane just long enough until the attack is about to happen, and then moving to the opposite side.

3. Ghost Faction

This is by far the most complicated. Now, Subordinates will take two hits to be taken down. As you get close to them, they will attempt to hit you with melee weapons or kick you. Although the animation is fairly slow, this will cause you to lose quite a bit of speed.

In terms of general attacks, they will shoot Yagami with machine guns from different directions, signalized with arrows that change colors as we have seen with the sound waves. You can get away with baiting the attack or just blocking them (Yagami is bulletproof, it seems). At times, some machine gun attacks won’t be signalized, so always keep an eye on your opponents.

As for surprises, Kaino introduces an attack where he spins with his bike while shooting. Also, you will stumble upon sand on the race track fairly often. This sucks since you can’t really prevent passing over it unless you’re paying close attention. Once again, drifting is very useful here as it will help you get past the sand without the penalization.

Lastly, during the third race and onwards, enemies will start throwing items at you. Remember to block and use boost when you have one or more Subordinates lined up in front of you to hit them.

4. Made in Heaven

The specialty of this gang is… using all of the above. The first three races will match the special attacks of each gang. The fourth and final one includes Subordinates from all three gangs, so it’ll be mixed. Also, there are ramps now — always try to take them. There’s usually sand or similar obstacles at the side of the ramps, so try to avoid being slowed down.

Aside from how chaotic the fourth race can be, they’re all fairly straightforward. We recommend you to upgrade your bike in case you haven’t yet, at least so that you can have three boosts at the same time, which is vital.

As for Suou himself, he will ignore all the flashy attacks from other leaders and focus on attacking you in close quarters instead. This is convenient since it creates more opportunities for you to attack him the same way. But be careful, as he tends to save up boosts and can really turn things around. Just remember to block if he gets too close, and you’ll emerge victorious in no time.


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