Lost Ark Tips Guide – 16 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Arkane knowledge.

The world of Lost Ark is vast and riddled with mechanics to parse through. Frankly, it can be overwhelming at times, and reaching the endgame can take a while. For all of this, it’s best to come in prepared, and our Lost Ark tips will help to ease that learning curve.

If you’re in need of more help, we also have guides covering a walkthrough of the main quests, the main character mechanic, how to unlock a free pet, whether to save or run away from Gerka, leveling to 50 and what to do, how to unlock sailing, two Powerpass tickets, the hotfix schedule, best classes for PVP and PVE, Ghost Ship and Shangra locations.

Lost Ark Tips 2

Lost Ark Tips

1. You Can Customize Characters At Any Time, But It Will Cost You

You can Reskin your characters at any time (Lost Ark’s fancy way of saying “customize a character” again), but you will need an Appearance Customization Ticket for it. If you want to rename your character instead, you’re going to need a Character Name Change Ticket. These are two separate premium items, which means you’ll have to buy them with real money. My recommendation? Take an extra minute before finishing creating your character.

2. You Automatically Choose a Subclass, and Some Are Gender-Locked

In Lost Ark, there aren’t subclass specializations — you automatically choose a subclass. This means that if you’re looking for regular tanks, DPS, or healers, you’ll have to look a bit deeper and see which one of the available subclasses works for you. In addition, some are gender-locked for some reason, so tough look in case you wanted a different character with one of these specific subclasses.

3. Yes, You Start at Level 10

At one point in the past, there used to be specific introductory chapters for each class. This took players from levels 1 to 10 before jumping into the main story, but that has been streamlined quite a lot. Now, there is a shared prologue that you can just skip. All characters start at level 10 by default, which means you only need to grind 40 levels to hit the Combat Level cap of 50.

4. Don’t Forget to Auto Move by Pressing T

This is explained early on, but it’s easy to forget as you’re traveling the world. There will be times when you’ll need to double-check multiple character screens while traveling, so instead of stopping, set auto move and keep on moving. And yes, you can do this while on a mount as well.

5. Boxes Don’t Tend To Break

Lost Ark is an action RPG, so it’s likely that you will try to break all boxes scattered around the world. Sadly, this doesn’t do anything, as they serve as pure background decoration and nothing more. The only exceptions are specific objects that you’ll need to destroy during quests that ask you to, but nothing more. Sorry!

Lost Ark Tips 6

6. You Need To Progress Through the Story To Unlock Photo Mode

There is a photo mode in Lost Ark, fittingly called Selfie Mode in-game. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to progress through the story up to the “Savior” quest. Alongside other game aspects, you’ll then gain access to Selfie Mode, which you can access from the icon right below the minimap.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where to find the Selfie Mode screenshots folder in Lost Ark, here’s the path (make sure to add the letter of your Steam installation path at the start): \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame\Screenshots — it seems as the folder is hidden by default, so keep that in mind.

7. If You’re Playing Solo, Set Dungeons To Normal Difficulty

As you progress through the main story, you’ll come across dozens of dungeons. Some are short instances that mostly serve to move the story forward, but others are longer and far more traditional. As such, you’ll be able to switch between two difficulties in case you want better rewards at the expense of a bigger challenge. I don’t recommend doing this if you’re playing solo — just set the difficulty to normal.

The problem with loot as you’re still making your way through level 50 is that you’ll find better gear soon enough, so higher difficulties are usually a waste of time.

8. Keep the Percentage Potions for Yourself Until the Endgame

You’ll get no shortage of potions, but one of the Lost Ark tips you should have in mind is to avoid using potions that heal certain percentages of your health. Most potions heal you gradually for a couple of seconds, so use those instead. It’s best to leave the ones with percentages for the endgame, as these are the only potions you can use during raids.

Lost Ark Tips 4

9. Don’t Waste Time Killing Mobs That Give You 2 XP

If you’re like me and you’re used to killing tons of mobs in MMOs, well, that won’t be the case here. Most enemies (at least in the pre-release private server that was available for folks covering the game) will only give you 2 XP per kill. As soon as you get a few levels, you’ll notice a requirement of 100k XP or more to level up. Focus on quests and ignore all enemies you’re not specifically told to take down.

10. Getting Hit Doesn’t Interrupt You if You’re Already on Your Mount

While you should ignore mobs, that doesn’t mean they will return the favor. This can be annoying as being attacked will immediately cancel any action you’re performing at the moment — except for using your mount. If you’re already on it, attacks will of course damage you, but you won’t be forced to dismount. If you’re planning for an escape, try to stun or push the enemies around you and quickly summon your mount.

11. Organize Your Quests, Please

If you don’t want a quest to appear on the list at the right side of your screen, remove it by clicking the tick icon at their side in the Quest Journal (which can be quickly accessed with the key J). It’s likely that you’ll grab quests from different zones. With more than one quest category, it can get crowded fast. Do yourself a favor and organize it properly, especially to avoid cluttering your minimap with objectives.

Lost Ark Tips 3

12. You Can Also Attack With C

By default, you’ll be attacking with the mouse while using skills with the keyboard. But if for some reason you prefer to use one hand for everything attack-related, you can press C to do the basic attacks. This leaves your other hand free to drink water, grab a snack, or doomscroll on your phone.

13. Voice Chat Is Activated by Default

So this was quite the surprise for me — voice chat is enabled by default, so make sure to change this from the settings menu before joining a party. If you’re playing with friends, it’s likely that you’ll be using Discord anyway. But if you’re teaming up with people online and don’t want them to hear you all the time, or at all for that matter, tweak the settings accordingly (either opting for push-to-talk or by foregoing voice chat entirely).

14. You Can Teleport to Triports From the Minimap

During questing, it’s likely that you’ll be going from point A to B within areas every couple of minutes. Instead of using your mount and slowly getting around them, press TAB, hover over any Triport you’ve unlocked, and then press Alt + Left Click. It will save tons of time, so make sure to activate all Triports you come across.

Lost Ark Tips 5

15. You Can Lock Your Gear To Avoid Dismantling or Selling It by Mistake

If you want to hold onto specific items, one of the best Lost Ark tips to know is that you can lock them. Open your inventory, press Ctrl + Right Click on the item, and select Lock. This will prevent you from mistakenly dismantling, selling, or trading an item.

16. But, Don’t Sell Equipment, Dismantle It Instead

Speaking of which, you may be tempted to sell all the gear you’re not using. However, it’s best to think of the long run and instead dismantle it. You’ll be running low on resources for crafting soon enough, so it’s best to do this as early as possible. Dismantling can be done from your inventory at any time — you don’t need to talk to a blacksmith. Just press the icon that has a hammer and select all the items to dismantle.

Best of luck during your journey through Lost Ark!

[Disclaimer: All the screenshots were taken from an early build of the game that was available pre-release for coverage purposes.]