Lost Ark PVP Tier List – Best Lost Ark Classes for PVP


When you’re not busy annihilating mobs and taking part in the myriad activities available in Lost Ark, the Proving Grounds await for your arrival. If you’re interested in Lost Ark PVP, this is the place to go, and our tier list can help identify the best classes for it.

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Last Updated: February 15, 2022

Best Lost Ark Classes for PVP – Lost Ark PVP Tier List

From S to C tiers, these are the best Lost Ark PVP classes:

  • S Tier – Bard, Sorceress, Gunslinger, Berserker
  • A Tier – Deathblade, Wardancer, Paladin, Striker
  • B Tier – Scrapper, Soulfist, Deadeye, Shadowhunter
  • C Tier – Sharpshooter, Artillerist, Gunlancer

Before we get to specifics, it’s worth noting that almost every class is viable for Lost Ark PVP. They all have their own advantages and weaknesses, and when faced against a counter class in the right hands, you’ll be up for a challenge even if your choice is in the S Tier.

That being said, there are certain classes that you’ll almost always stumble upon. At some point, unless you really want to practice and dedicate yourself to a specific class, it’s best to start with the top picks and familiarize yourself with PVP first.

Lost Ark PVP 4

S Tier – Lost Ark PVP Tier List

The S Tier belongs to the usual suspects. The Sorceress is not much of a surprise considering how versatile the class is, with a sprawling list of spells at the ready. It’s easy to pick up and play, and while it will take a while to master, you won’t have problems battling against almost every other class. The same can be said about the Berserker, although he’s the top choice if you just want to face everyone with as little effort as possible. If you’re interested in brute force, you won’t go wrong with this melee class.

The Gunslinger not only carries a ton of style, but it’s also one of the best options in the game. It’s a fast class with great mobility, tons of range attacks that prove crucial in PVP to close out distances, and the versatility of three different weapons. Of course, this makes it harder to learn, but it’s worth the time.

If you’re looking to a class focused on support while also having quite a few offensive skills as well, the Bard is the best all-rounder of the list. It’s pretty much essential in 3v3 encounters, and with the right team, it’ll be hard for folks to take you down if you’re coordinating with your team.

A Tier – Lost Ark PVP Tier List

Many people will look at the tier list and go “wait, why isn’t the Wardancer at S instead of A?” or similar. Look, there are many decent options out there, but mileage may vary with each person’s interests and what they’re looking for. Speaking of which, the Wardancer is a solid choice — if you’re looking for the best possible choice in terms of close encounters, this is the one for you. It’s agile, deals a ton of damage, and can be a pain in the ass for its opponent as many skills serve to shorten the range gaps between them.

The Striker is fairly similar to the Wardancer in nature, but relies on one or two main skills (depending on the build you’re going for), while the rest is focused on support. It’s still viable, mind you, but falls a bit short in comparison. Meanwhile, the Paladin is the go-to for Lost Ark PVP if you’re interested in dealing damage while also being quite tanky, marking a big difference compared to the Berserker, which is basically the closest to Diablo‘s Barbarian.

Skills that deal attacks on area are key for controlling your surroundings in PVP, and the Deathblade excels at it. While it remains a close encounter class in essence, it’s easy to knock down your opponent with the right combo, which can give you a massive advantage.

Lost Ark PVP 2

B Tier – Lost Ark PVP Tier List

Let’s begin with the Deadeye. It’s a similar prospect than the Gunslinger, but this class is heavily focused on the Shotgun. As such, you’re losing quite a bit of range by focusing on just one of the stances. As for the Soulfist, it comes with both the blessing and the curse of being a bit too versatile. You can focus on different aspects of the class and tailor it to your own playstyle, but the lack of a clear way to play is a big trade off that will inevitably take longer to learn.

The Scrapper is by far the slowest of the Monk-type classes in Lost Ark. It has two cool massive gloves that can deal quite the damage, but in Lost Ark PVP, it ends up being a weird hybrid — not quite as powerful as the Berserker or the Paladin, and not quite as fast or skillful as a Wardancer.

Then, it’s not like the Shadowhunter is a bad class per se, but it doesn’t fare well in PVP unless you truly commit to it and learn how to defend yourself against some of the top choices out there. Between the two, it’s best to focus on the Deathblade, which offers a (broadly speaking) similar gameplay style while being closer to the best classes.

C Tier – Lost Ark PVP Tier List

The Artillerist is the kind of class that would argue about the importance of size with its massive machine gun, but in PVP, it doesn’t get close to facing the best class options available. It lacks agility that is crucial against most of them, considering the focus on mobility, and while it can deal damage in the right hands, it’s easy to counter if you know what you’re doing.

If you were stoked about playing as a Sharpshooter and take everyone down using a bow, I have bad news for you. It’s tough to justify the time investment that this class demands to master it with so many other classes out there, so I recommend to put the focus elsewhere.

Lastly, the Gunlancer isn’t the best for Lost Ark PVP. It’s quite tanky and slow, and while it has decent DPS, it’s a class that fares so much better in PVE than PVP. The skills tend to take a bit of time until they’re fully executed, and while summoning a shield for either you or your teammates is useful, it doesn’t make much sense to choose Gunslinger over Bard for support, if that’s what you’re aiming at.

That is all there is to know about the best Lost Ark classes for PVP. You’re free to choose any of the aforementioned classes and try them out, but you may want to stick to both S and A tiers for the best results with varying skill ceilings.