Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide – It’s Okay Miss Fairy, Forest’s Minuet, Mokoko Seeds

A tropical island, singing, fairies… And a two-hour queue

Lost Ark’s Lullaby Island challenge doesn’t make you fight anyone, but it’s still one of the trickiest islands in the game. Get ready for several unexpected requirements, a secret area with a timed co-op quest, a rare Island Token, and a fairy who simply refuses to make your day any easier. To save you some additional trips to Lullaby Island, here’s all of the Mokoko Seed locations and everything you need to know about the Forest Minuet, the It’s Okay Miss Fairy quest, and the co-op mission.

Forest’s Minuet Song and Other Lullaby Island Rewards

Let’s start with the loot! Here’s an overview of Lullaby Island rewards:

  • Chest of Sleeping Songs: Has a chance to contain the Lullaby Island Token and a Legendary Secret Map.
  • Forest’s Minuet Song
  • Vitality Increase Potion (+5 Vitality)
  • High Seas Coin Chest x12
  • Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x10
  • Legendary Uncommon Card Pack x6
  • 80,000 Silver
  • 85 Gold

Lullaby Island Location & Requirements

Lullaby Island is located in the Sea of Gienah, south of Tortoyk and Anikka. The Island is always open, and although the recommended item level is 250, there’s no fighting involved. However, that doesn’t mean it’s possible to complete Lullaby Island straight away. A few important things to consider before setting sail:

  • You can’t complete the It’s Okay, Miss Fairy quest or obtain the Lullaby Island Token without the Song of Resonance. Although it’s still possible to do the first two quests on Lullaby Island regardless, it’s better to save yourself a return trip by collecting the required song first.
  • To do so, head over to Peyto Island in the Sea of Gienah (south of Pleccia) and buy the Song of Resonance from Treasure Hunter Igran for 16,500 Pirate Coins.
  • One of the It’s Okay, Miss Fairy quest objectives is to complete Lullaby Island’s co-op quest. This quest starts every two hours, according to the following schedule: 10:20AM, 12:20PM, 2:20PM, 4:20PM, etc.
  • If you arrive twenty minutes before the start of the co-op mission, there should be enough time to finish the prerequisite quests.

Got the Song of Resonance? Then it’s time to visit Lullaby Island and follow the steps below to complete the Fairy questline.

Lullaby Island Part One: The Forest Where Fairies Sing

To start the Lullaby Island challenge, you need to speak to an NPC called Traveler Eclipse (the one with the purple exclamation mark). She will ask you to follow the fairy’s voice.

The fairy is difficult to find, as you won’t be able to see her. You also need to choose your words carefully, or the fairy will flee (if that happens, restart the dialogue and try again). Here’s how to handle all this fairy business:

  • Take the path to the east. As soon as you’re close to the water, the fairy starts singing (location number 1). Even though you can’t see anything, use the interaction button to trigger a dialogue screen.
  • Choose the Whistle dialogue option.
  • Choose to Wait.
  • And then Whistle again.

Lullaby Island Part Two: I Can Hear You

Next, go further southeast to location number two. Use the interaction button when you hear the fairy again, then choose:

  • Action: Put down the shiny pebble.
  • Ask: Remember me?
  • Say: It’s a gift.
  • And finally: Wait quietly.

Lullaby Island Part Three: It’s Okay, Miss Fairy

Go to location number three and do the following:

  • Say: It’s okay.
  • Choose: Listen with your back to her.
  • Say: I’m listening.
  • Say: I’ll look for one.
  • Choose: Sure.
  • And finally: No worries, I’m an Adventurer.

Lullaby Island Part Four: Co-op Magick Melody Quest

Surprise! You aren’t done with the It’s Okay, Miss Fairy quest just yet. The next objective is to complete the Lullaby Island co-op quest called Magick Melody and collect three Voices of the Forest from the Secret Area.

The co-op quest starts in the eastern part of the island (see the icon on your map). Remember, it’s every two hours and you only have a short amount of time to join. After entering the secret path, keep walking east until you reach the quest area.

Stand inside the circle and perform the Song of Resonance as often as you can. You need to perform the song at least once to obtain the Chest of Sleeping Songs. This is important, because the Chest of Sleeping Songs will reward you with a Voice of the Forest (It’s Okay Miss Fairy quest objective). It also has a chance to reward you with the Lullaby Island Token or a Secret Map.

However, to complete It’s Okay Miss Fairy, you need three Voices of the Forest. As every Chest of Sleeping Songs contains only one, you’ll have to complete the co-op quest Magick Melody two more times. If you’re not too fond of sailing, you can always log out, wait for two hours, and do the quest again while you’re still on Lullaby Island.

Got the three Voices of the Forest? Then it’s time to return to the fairy, complete It’s Okay, Miss Fairy, and obtain the Forest’s Minuet Song.

Lullaby Island Mokoko Seed Locations

We can’t leave without grabbing our Mokoko Seeds, can we? There are four Mokoko Seeds on Lullaby Island: two are found on the normal map, and the other two are located in the secret area. As you don’t want to miss the co-op quest, it’s best to participate first and search for the Mokoko Seeds afterwards.