Lost Ark Ghost Ships Guide – Where to Find Ghost Ship Locations

The ghost of loot.

Sailing in Lost Ark opens up the game in various ways, allowing you to travel to other continents, explore islands, and face specific encounters. One of them are the terrifying Lost Ark Ghost Ships, which happen to appear at specific times during the day, each with a specific difficulty. This guide explains where to find Ghost Ship locations and how they work.

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How to Unlock Lost Ark Ghost Ships

As soon as you unlock sailing after finishing the main story quests up to Finding the Arks, you’ll gain access to the Procyon’s Compass. Amidst the available activities are Ghost Ships, which are time-limited encounters. That being said, you won’t be able to find them right away.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship 4
This screenshot was taken from an early build of the game that was available pre-release for coverage purposes.

In order to unlock the Ghost Ship activity in Lost Ark, the steps are as follows:

  • Your Item Level should be at least 460
  • Then, you’ll be able to take on two quests from the Queen at North Vern, which are called A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon
  • Upgrade your ship to level 2
  • You’ll then have access to Rohendel, which is a continent on the west side of the world map
  • If you’re not able to head to Rohendel’s dock automatically, you’ll have to make the trip manually at least once

It’s a fairly endgame-tailored activity, but as you complete World Quests and take part in other daily and weekly tasks, you’ll get to this point in no time.

Where to Find Ghost Ship Locations – Lost Ark

Ghost Ships aren’t available every day, but when they are, they’ll spawn at the start of several hours throughout that day. You’ll get a notification saying so on your screen whenever the activity is about to begin, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on the schedule ahead of time via the Procyon’s Compass.

There are three Lost Ark Ghost Ships available:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: Requires Item Level 460
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: Requires Item Level 960
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: Requires Item Level 1370

If you’re wondering about Ghost Ship locations in Lost Ark, they are available in the following spots:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: Northeast of Sea of Procyon

Lost Ark Ghost Ship 5

  • Shadow Ghost Ship: East of Feiton

Lost Ark Ghost Ship 7

  • Tempest Ghost Ship: Southeast of Punika

Lost Ark Ghost Ship 6

Once you’ve met all requirements, keep an eye out for any upcoming Ghost Ship appearances using Procyon’s Compass. This activity will take both you and other players in the vicinity into a battle against a boss on top of the ship itself. If you happen to die and don’t use a Phoenix Plume, or just quit during the encounter, you won’t obtain any rewards.

Lastly, one of Una’s Tasks is directly involved with Lost Ark Ghost Ships. This is called Bleak Night Fog, and has some neat rewards if you stick to it. That being said, you can only defeat the Ghost Ship boss once per week, so it’s going to take a while to increase the reputation of the quest.