Lost Ark Endgame Guide – What To Do at Level 50

It's got mountains of content. Some better, some worse.

Getting to the Lost Ark endgame is a time demanding task that becomes overwhelming fast. You unlock a ton of features along the way, but the bulk don’t appear until the very end. Once you reach level 50, the experience changes radically, and it’s important to know what to prioritize. This guide explains what to do at level 50 in Lost Ark.

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What To Do at Level 50 – Lost Ark Endgame

After you’ve finished all your Main Story quests up to Finding the Arks and unlocked sailing, continue working on the World Quests. This takes you to new continents and locations across the sea, all as you unravel new layers of activities.

Whether you’re at the level cap already or just close enough, here is what to do at level 50 during the Lost Ark endgame:

  • Do World Quests: Regardless of how invested you are in the story, you should focus primarily on World Quests until you reach Vern castle. This area opens up the game further, and allows you to start taking on endgame activities and tasks that help with your leveling process.
  • Get your Awakening skill: Keep an eye out for Thirst for Power, which is a quest obtained during the introductory scene around Vern. It will task you to head back to Trixion, which you can do by playing the Song of Trixion from your Sheet Music list. Follow this questline and you’ll eventually unlock your Awakening skill, as well as a level 50 skill. I recommend doing this as early as possible to have the advantage at the ready.
  • Una’s Tasks: Before you jump into any activity during the Lost Ark endgame, make sure to grab your three daily quests as well as your weeklies from Una’s Tasks. You’re free to select whichever you’d like from the list, so always make sure to grab as many as you can to make the most out of your daily sessions.

Lost Ark Endgame 3

  • Chaos Dungeons: Your go-to in the endgame. With Chaos Dungeons, you face hordes of enemies across three waves that culminate with a final boss. You can run this activity twice per day, but if you miss a day you can run four Chaos Dungeons the next day instead.
  • Abyss Dungeons: Completing World Quests will eventually take you to a quest called To Ancient Elveria. After you finish it, you’ll be able to take on Abyss Dungeons, which is a relentless weekly activity. Difficulty ramps up quite a bit, but the rewards are worth it. Just try and have a party with people you know or that are at least somewhat communicative, as coordination is key.
  • Guardian Raids: If you’re into Monster Hunter, you may find Guardian Raids similar. You can run two of them per day, and you’ll basically hunt down a boss that doesn’t have a health bar on display. It’s a rather fun activity, and one you shouldn’t overlook as it nets useful rewards.

Lost Ark Endgame 2

  • Islands and Procyon’s Compass Activities: From your Procyon’s Compass, which is located right below the minimap, you’ll have access to Field Bosses, Ghost Ship, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Islands. These tend to be time-sensitive activities, so make sure to see if there isn’t one happening soon every time you login or after you’ve finished your dailies. You can also go ahead and explore Islands with sailing to get all sorts of upgrade materials.
  • Get your item level to 460 with Gear Honing: As you make your way through World Quests, you’ll eventually reach Rohendel, which won’t allow access until your item level is 460. For this, you’ll have to hone your gear in vendors in towns using Harmony Shards, Fragments, and Leap Stones. The aforementioned activities will help you to get these materials, and you’ll then be able to face the RNG with Gear Horning.
  • Do Guide Quests: It’s likely that you’ve been ignoring these (I wouldn’t blame you), but it’s a good time to catch up. Most Guide Quests won’t take long to complete, and they’ll grant myriad useful resources, as well as open up the game even further with new features such as the Stronghold or Trade Skills.

That is all there is to know about what to do during the Lost Ark endgame, but of course, the game is vast and full of activities. Make sure to digest all the content at your own pace!