Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Puzzles, Glitching Remains, & Hats

So you’ve escaped the Hunter and made your way to the city with Six. Congratulations, the real nightmares start now.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough

When you gain control of Mono, head to the right and climb through the hole in the wall. Cross the street and hoist yourself through the broken window in the large bar. Continue heading right through the bar until you reach a room with several broken televisions stacked on top of one another. You should see an opening on the right that’s above Mono’s head. Use Six to help yourself up into the room and then approach the broken television by the hanging rope.

Grab the rope and swig back and forth towards the other television. Instead of jumping onto it, keep swaying back and forth so Mono can push the television into the hole below. This will rocket Mono up several floors, where he can swing onto some planks. Now enter the room on the left, shove the television over the edge to bring Six up to the floor above you, and then go right up the stairs. Wait until Six gets into position across the gap from you before running, jumping, and grabbing her hand. Remember, she has to be crouched with her hand extended for Mono to safely make it to the other side.

Gliching Remains

After you reunite with Six, head through the door on the left. This will be the one that Six went through when she rode the television up. You’ll see the first Glitching Remain staring over the ledge.

Head across the beams into the room with the rotting door. Push your way through the hall, causing the television in the center of the room to turn on. This will disorientate Mono, so approach the television and interact with it. You’ll be given a prompt to “Tune the Transmission” with the Left Stick. Push the stick down until the screen glows a bright white. Repeat this process once again, finding the sweet spot until the television turns white to transport Mono to a long hallway. Run at the door with the eye until Six pulls him away from the TV. Leave the room via the right, jump down, and pull the dumpster to the left so you can crawl through the chainlink fence’s hole.

Proceed to the front right portion of the school building to see a long makeshift rope hanging out. Before you climb make sure to grab both the Glitching Remains and the Hat found in this area!

Glitching Remains

You will find the second Glitching Remains in the schoolyard. When you climb through the fence, go to the back right where the broken tricycle and dumpster are.


The hat can be found on the dumpster by the steps that lead to the school’s main entrance. Go up the steps, climb over the railing, and grab the round hate on the dumpster.

The School

Climb up this rope so you can enter the school. Continues right until you reach the hallway that breaks off to the right and down the middle. Pulling the switch on the right will kill the power on this floor, causing some lights to shine through a photo against the wall. Well that’s curious, isn’t it? Turn the lights back on before going down the long hallway.

Enter the room on your left and grab any of the toys on the floor. Run back out to the hallway with the switch before tossing the toy at the painting to knock it down, revealing a hole in the wall. Climb through the hole to enter a room that’s clearly designed to punish the kids. In the middle, you’ll discover a loose floorboard that can be dislodged if both Six and Mono jump on it at the same time. Progress through the vents until you reach the lower floor of the school. While you’ll get a brief glimpse of the teacher, you won’t need to worry about her for now.

Instead, keep going right until you reach another room. Be careful of the raised plank on the floor. Stepping on it will cause a bucket to come hurtling down at Mono, killing him. Instead, either jump over the board or touch it and run back the way you came. After you pass the blockade of lockers, you’ll enter another room with a trap floorboard. Trip it and take cover behind the table close to the camera. Once both buckets stop swinging, go down the hall to see a bunch of kids. Even though you can go through the door to the right, a kid will shut the vent. Instead, run down the hall but stop before you reach the end. A massive locker will slam down in front of you. Climb up this locker and enter the door to your right.

Head down the hallway slowly. Near the toy, you’ll see another raised wooden blank. Step on this plank and immediately duck to avoid being decapitated by a massive overhead light. Climb up the light and jump over the table. About halfway down the next hallway a locker will fall and trap Mono, causing a bunch of dolls to attack Six and drag her away. After the brief skirmish, Mono will free himself. Climb over the locker, grab the hammer, and use the A (Xbox One)/X (PS4) button to smash the doll ahead of you to bits. Bring the hammer into the next room, but do not proceed towards the doll. Instead, slam it on the floor to call the doll to you, triggering a trap that should kill it.

Glitching Remains

After you climb over the chair into the new hallway, approach the third locker. This will be the one with a bunch of books stacked in front of it. Have Mono open the locker to discover a Glitching Remain inside.

The Classroom


Go down the hallway until you reach the classroom. Keep behind the back row of students and hide behind them whenever the teacher turns around. You can tell when she is about to turn around as she will begin writing in the lower portion of the chalkboard before hitting it. Take your time when crossing until you reach the filing room. Now start climbing up the bookshelf, but get ready to abandon it. About halfway up, it will begin to fall so let go and immediately run out of the way. Hide in the overturned box until the teacher leaves. Grab the key and then go through the vent back into the classroom.

The teacher will now patrol around the classroom, harassing the different students. All you need to do here is hide under the different desks and wait for her to pass by. Keep doing this until you make it back across the classroom where you originally entered from. Approach the locked door and use the key to open the elevator. Ride this to the next floor, enter the room to your right, and get the attention of the doll in the center. This will cause it to charge Mono, only to collapse when it runs out of rope. When it falls over, rush to the other side, grab the pipe, and smash this annoying dunce’s head in when it charges again. Now use the pipe to break open the door before climbing up the shelf to the vent.

You will emerge above the classroom and accidentally knock a bottle down. Unsurprisingly, the teacher will investigate this sound in the most unsettling way imaginable. Run and hide in the box until she leaves. Now cross the beams until you push a bottle off causing the teacher to look again. Hide in the closest box until she leaves before climbing up the rope. Approach the vertical plank in the background and shove it forward to make a bridge. The teacher will investigate one last time so hide in the box in the foreground. You will not make it across the bridge in time, so don’t try. Once she’s left, cross the bridge and enter the large library.

Library Chase

Metal Hat

When you jump down into the library, you’ll see a rolling ladder in the background. Push this to the middle shelf and climb up to the top. You can grab the metal hat on the left, adding it to your collection!

Now push the rolling ladder all the way to the right and climb up it. When you hop run along the plank towards the camera, Mono will knock down a book. This calls the teacher, who’ll give chase so book it across the shelves until you reach a small tunnel of books. Exit the tunnel and jump across to the first pillar of books, grabbing onto them to ensure you don’t fall. Climb around to the opposite side and hop to the other pillar. Mono will once again knock down some more books which beckons the teacher. Quickly move to the bottom right side and wait until the teacher’s head begins moving to the right. Now climb up to the top left to ensure you’re not spotted.

Wait until she leaves before hopping off the pillar onto the ground. Hide behind the books until the teacher walks by. Now run towards the shelves and push the box of books towards the door. Jump off the box and grab the door handle to open it up.  Enter the large room with the staircase running the center.

Glitching Remains

Head up the staircase in the center and hang a left. You’ll see the Glitching Remains of a child sitting below the railing by some bottles.

Chess Puzzle & Key

Run up the center stairs and go right towards the camera. You’ll see a few giant chess pieces, so grab the top of the Rook and place it on the white piece missing a top. Climb onto the Rook, jump, and grab the door handle opening up the room. In this room, you’ll see a large chessboard with a bunch of pieces missing their tops. There is also a doll tied to the center, but it won’t attack you. Ignore the pieces for now and run over to the poster with an eye on it. Grab the bottom to reveal a drawing of the board, including where you’ll need to put the missing tops for each of the white pieces.

  • Rook – You can find the top of the Rook by the door. Just use the one that you hopped onto to reach the door handle.
  • Queen – Place the Rook on the white piece near the table on the left. Climb onto the Rook and then onto the table where the Queen top is.
  • Bishop – Run past the drawing of the chessboard on the right, climb onto the table, and grab the top of the Bishop.

Once you have all three pieces, put them where they belong to turn on a lamp over the table on the right. Climb onto the Rook and then the table. Grab the handle to open the secret door hiding the key. Go back downstairs, unlock the door on the right, and head into the hallway.

Glitching Remains

Before you climb into the vent on the right. Pull the tray of food away from the door and then push it open. You’ll see the Glitching Remains on a freezer by a dead body.

The Kitchen

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

When you enter the kitchen climb over the metal tray and grab the ladle on the floor. It’s time to break some doll skulls. Smash the first one in the center of the room and then ready yourself for one that rushes you from the back left. Wait until it stops to lunge before you bash it over the head. The next one will come from the left, so once again wait till it strikes before you whack it over the head. Your final foe will climb down from the trays. After all four are defeated, walk over to the intact head of the doll and put it on. You can now sneak by the crowded cafeteria of dolls, which will absolutely kill you if you don’t dress up as one.

The Lab

Make your way through the cafeteria and rowdy hallway until you reach another closet with a locked door. Mono’s fake head will, unfortunately, break when you enter. While you cannot push the door open, you can chuck something at the button! Clamber up the shelves and walk along the planks until you reach the very top. You’ll see a brain in a jar along with a meat hook. Throw the jar to the ground and then grab the hook. It will descend, letting you avoid a tricky climb back down. Grab the brain (ew) and throw it at the button to open up the lab doors.

The teacher is here, so crouch walk through the vent underneath the table she’s working at. Hangout underneath the table until she walks across the room before moving under the dresser in the back middle. Eventually, the teacher will go into the room on the right, so push the door open, and follow her into the large laboratory.

Climb up the shelves shown above and then slowly make your way across the table. Make sure to crouch behind each stack of books and jars, otherwise, you’ll get caught. You cannot outrun the teacher, she is extremely fast and has a huge reach. Instead, take your time across the center table before hopping across the two tables until you can jump into the next room. Now climb up the bookshelf to reach the vent.

Freeing Six

Back to decimating some dolls. When you exit the vent, grab the hammer and do not go towards the doll. There’s a trap plank, so stay on the rug and hit it with the hammer. This will cause the doll to rush you, allowing for an easy kill. Two more will rush you, so wait until they are about to strike and swing away at them. Drag the hammer to the next hallway and head down towards the camera. Another doll will attack from behind, so quickly dispatch it before the one above you attacks. If you do die here, so back into the room with the trap to get the hammer. Once you enter the bathroom you’ll see Six hanging above you with only two more dolls standing in your way. Teach them a lesson for messing with Six. Break the board with the rope wrapped around it to free your ally.

Make your way onto the table to the right then open up the window and walk across the plank. Inside you’ll see a piano attached to a winch that’s conveniently at Mono’s height. Grab the handle and keep raising the piano until it breaks and falls into the floor. Now climb on top of jump up and down with Six until it falls through the floor and lets you access the lower room.

Music Room

Head to the vent on the left and let Six hoist you up above. When you land in the garbage, move along the back and wait until Six draws the attention of the doll. Grab the pipe, bash it to pieces, and grab the key by the dissected frog. Head through the gate and locked door. You’ll enter a room where another doll is drawing, however, when you go to grab the hammer, Six will beat that doll to death with her bare hands. What? Are you surprised the person who escaped The Maw can’t handle a dumb toy?

Make your way to the music room by letting Six help you onto the shelf. Knock the box onto the ground so Six can climb up and proceed through the vent. Slowly make your way onto the floor where the teacher is playing. Move across the room and stop right before she stops playing. Wait until the teacher resumes before approaching the winch. This section is all about patience. Only crank the handle when she is playing, so if you’re not sure when she’ll stop just hold the crank and watch. After Six crosses the lighting, push the stool across the floor, stopping once again whenever the teacher stops playing.


After you reach the shelf, climb back up top, and run across the lighting to the vent. The teacher will give one last chase through the vent so quickly outrun this monstrosity until you make it outside. Now head right across the massive, precariously placed bridge. Keep going until you reach an area with a dumpster and broken television. Push the dumpster towards the background until the lid snaps shut and then push it to the right. You can now jump onto the television and then the dumpster to reach the broken road on the right.

Glitching Remains

You’ll find another Glitching Remains right after the section with the dumpster. There will be a little opening where the glitched child is playing with a paper boat.

Finally, head through the shop and exit out the window on the right. Approach the dumpster with the television on it to cause Six to help you up. Run across the roof, jump down, and push the wooden plank over so Six can climb through the fence. Go into the building on your right to complete Chapter 2!

Time to go to the hospital. You can find our walkthrough for that chapter here.