How amiibo Work in Link’s Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is more or less a straight-up remake of the original title on the Game Boy. There are a host of quality of life remakes, like letting Link keep his sword and shield out at all times. And of course, the game’s received a graphical overhaul. But the only real new feature is the Chamber Dungeon Creature, a frankly kind of disappointing addition. If you were expected Zelda Maker, you’re going to be let down. There’s not a lot of reason to use this feature, but it’s the sole place you can make use of amiibo in Link’s Awakening.

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How to Use amiibo in Link’s Awakening

Once you complete the first two dungeons, you’ll run into Dampe, who will ask you to visit his shack northeast of Mabe Village. There, he’ll show you his Chamber Dungeon Creator. It’s a very simplistic Zelda dungeon maker, in which Dampe asks you to complete certain tasks in building layouts.

Each time you complete a dungeon in the game (including the optional, secret color dungeon) you can return to Dampe to get new Chambers to place in your created dungeons. You can also find some around the world. Finally, you can unlock some Chambers using amiibo. Talk to Dampe and select Get Special Chamber, which will then prompt you to tap an amiibo to get some more Chambers.

Which amiibo Work in Link’s Awakening?

You can use any Zelda amiibo in Link’s Awakening, regardless of whether they’re associated with an actual Zelda game, Super Smash Bros., or anything else. You can get five different Chambers by using any Zelda amiibo, each of which includes a special feature or enemy. They are:

  • Armos Knight’s Chamber
  • Ball and Chain Trooper Chamber
  • Great Fairy Chamber
  • Moblin Chief Chamber
  • Winged Item Chamber

Finally, the Link’s Awakening amiibo unlocks Shadow Link, who will chase Link around your constructed dungeon.

So, why would you want to get any of these Chambers? Well, you get to keep the rupees you earn in them, and the feature is kind of fun to play around with for a bit. Mostly though, it seems tacked on to justify the retail cost of the remake. With Super Mario Maker 2 having come out earlier this year, to get such a feature-poor Zelda dungeon creator in Link’s Awakening feels like a tease.

Oh, and amiibo are used for one other aspect of the Chamber Creator — sharing your dungeons. Yes, there’s no way to share your designs online. To have a friend play your dungeon, you’ll have to save it to an amiibo then tap it on their Switch. All of these issues mean most players probably won’t make much use of the Chamber Creator, but at least it doesn’t disturb the rest of Link’s Awakening, which is as charming on the Switch as it was back in 1993.