How to Get the Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt has officially begun, so it’s time to join Spider, Osiris, and Uldren Sov (now called the Crow) as they battle against the Hive’s corruptive forces. Taking a cue from the Monster Hunter franchise, players will need to construct lures, attack, track, and kill various enemies infesting the Tangled Shore. Along with hunting enemies and collecting new loot, there’s a new exotic catalyst for the Leviathan’s Breath heavy bow. While not one of the most popular weapons, this one is actually pretty easy to obtain if you are okay with doing a bit of grinding. Here’s how to get the catalyst, how to level it up, and what this catalyst does for the Leviathan’s Breath.

How to Get the Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst

You can obtain the Leviathan’s Breath catalyst by killing any powerful enemies with this bow. It will not drop from any playlist activities or red bar tier foes, so don’t waste your ammo on them. Instead, load up the EDZ and head into the Window’s Walk Lost Sector. There is a high concentration of yellow bar enemies thanks to the various Nightmare Shanks and Captain. This makes farming them very easy since you can just keep respawning these foes by exiting and reentering the Lost Sector. If grinding Lost Sectors sounds boring to you, then Gambit is going to be your best bet. Just chill by the bank and kill any of the blockers that appear.

How to Level up the Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst

You can level up the Leviathan’s Breath by either killing enemies with this bow or by taking down high-tier Wrathborn bosses with any weapon or ability. The latter will award you 10% per Wrathborn, which isn’t as efficient as it sounds. Given charging a lure and completing a Wrathborn Hunt can take around 20-30 minutes apiece, you’re better off just farming enemies normally. Another good place to farm foes is by loading up the Last Wish and going to the Shuro Chi encounter via the wishing wall. Not only can you drop a Raid Banner to keep refilling your ammo, but the opening portion has a very high density of Taken. This makes it easy to quickly gain progress by massacring all the enemies guarding this boss.

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What Does the Leviathan’s Breath Catalyst Do?

Disappointingly, all the Leviathan’s Breath catalyst does is add five extra arrows into your reserve. There are no additional perks or benefits added to this weapon outside of having additional ammo. Because of this, you may not want to spend a ton of time grinding for this catalyst. The Leviathan’s Breath isn’t a top tier PVE weapon outside of killing invaders in Gambit and we don’t suspect it will be terribly useful in the upcoming raid. Just make sure you have the bow in your inventory whenever you’re running Wrathborn Hunts to ensure you get some progress.


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    1. With the vaulting of content, I believe it was temporarily removed. Bungie has stated they would introduce the older catalysts back in over time

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