How to Level Up Your Season 9 Legacy Battle Pass in Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Season 9 has officially launched and it’s bringing some of the biggest changes to the game yet. Along with a bunch of weapon and character rebalancing, Legends will introduce a new game mode called Arena. This 3v3 mode has players competing in rounds to prove which group is better in a firefight. Additionally, players can explore a new point of interest in Olympus, along with trying out the high-flying legend, Valkyrie. Tying this all together is the Season 9 Battle Pass, which is going for a Japanese mythology theme. Here’s how to level your battle pass up so you can get that awesome Devotion skin.

How to Increase Your Battle Pass Level

To increase your Battle Pass level you will need to earn 10 Stars. Every challenge, regardless if it’s Daily or Weekly, rewards a set amount of stars. Reaching 10 will automatically increase your level and any additional Stars earned will count towards the next rank. Experience you earn at the end of a match will also make progress towards earning one star. This will help you level up, but it’s largely a supplementary method to raise your rank — especially once you hit level 100.

Challenges are broken up into Daily and Weekly once again only now they all reward players with stars. Daily Challenges now rotate out every 24 hours and include five different objectives. These are all relatively easy, which explains why the amount of stars earned is so low. You can change what a Daily Objective is by highlight the circular arrows next to it. This will cost Legend Tokens, but it’s a good way to ensure you get a challenge that’s easy to finish.

Weekly Challenges unlock every seven days and a little more difficult to finish. You will earn stars for completing these, so you’ll want to make sure to focus on them. Weekly Challenges do not rotate, so if you take a week off that week’s challenges will still be unlocked when you return. These can be as simple as dealing damage with a weapon or legend-specific challenges such as getting a kill with Gibraltar’s Bombardment. The most difficult Weekly Challenges will reward you with a full Battle Pass tier. These are noted by the Battle Pass symbol next to them instead of a star.

There are no reoccurring Weekly Challenges, so always prioritize Daily Challenges first since these will vanish every 24 hours. Also, try to make progress towards multiple challenges at once, as this will ease the amount of grinding you’ll need to do. You can also change what your Daily Challenges are by spending Legend Tokens. You know, that one currency you basically never use and is essentially irrelevant.

Remember, you have a lot of time to actually complete the battle pass, so don’t feel as if you need to rush through. If you really don’t have a lot of time, Respawn Entertainment allows players to buy Battle Pass levels for Apex Coins. I only suggest this avenue if you have absolutely no time to play the game and still want all the cosmetics. Otherwise, it’s better to just save your money!