How to Level Up the Cyber Showdown Event Pass in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s latest event is officially live, bringing content for the cyberpunk enthusiast. Along with a big price drop for items in the shop, players can once again earn a bunch of free rewards. Tied to the Cyber Showdown event pass, users will be able to earn new armor coatings, stances, A.I. colors, and even an awesome glowing mohawk. There’s also a new game mode tied to this event called Attrition.

In Halo Infinite, you cannot simply obtain event pass levels by playing games like the Winter Contingency event. Here’s a guide on how to earn all the items on the Cyber Showdown pass during the event:

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown

How to Level Up the Cyber Showdown Event Pass

If you’re looking to snag all the cyberpunk-inspired goodies during the Cyber Showdown event, you will need to complete the Cyber Showdown challenges. These can be found in your normal battle pass screen on the main menu in the top right corner. Selecting this will present three options, but the one that matters is the challenges tab on the right.

You need to finish any event that has a bright orange banner on the left side of the challenge’s description (shown above). Completing one of these event challenges will unlock a whole level in the Cyber Showdown event pass. Regular challenges will not give you any progress towards the event pass since this pass doesn’t actually require experience to level up. Leveling up is solely tied to completing the Cyber Showdown challenges.

Thankfully, there are enough challenges available for you to complete the entire event pass. However, you will most likely need to finish other weekly challenges to ensure that the Cyber Showdown ones appear. Additionally, you have 13 days (from the time of this article’s publication) to finish the whole event pass, so don’t worry about trying to grind the entire reward tree out in a week. Most of the challenges are tied to the new game mode Attrition, which is accessible via the multiplayer menu right above Quick Play.

For those unfamiliar with it, Attrition is an elimination game mode where two teams have a reserve of respawns or lives. Every time you respawn, your team’s life pool is depleted. The catch is that you can revive recently fallen teammates to save some of the lives in your life pool. Destiny 2 fans will note this is similar to that game’s wildly popular Trials of Osiris mode but with 100% less space magic. Since pretty much every single event challenge is tied to this mode, you will need to get real familiar with Attrition.

I recommend playing it a bit slower than you normally would. With a limited amount of revives, working together as a team to focus enemies will be a big part of winning. You can try to act as a lone wolf, but sticking together with other allies will make this a far less frustrating experience. Just remember, everyone will be doing challenges, so don’t feel too bad if you need to try some risky maneuvering to kill someone with an assassination or specific weapon type. After all, that mohawk isn’t going to unlock itself, right?