Last of Us Part 2 Supermarket Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

The Last of Us: Part 2 has finally arrived, so it’s time to dive back into the horrific and brutal world of Ellie and Joel. Set a few years after the original, this title has players controlling Ellie as she explores the ruins of Seattle with her girlfriend Dina. Unlike the first game, there are way more hidden secrets and items you can easily blow right by without even seeing them. Some are simply hidden on bodies while others are locked up in safes you’ll need the combination for. One of the earliest safes you’ll come across is in the Supermarket when you’re tasked with clearing it of infected.

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How to Unlock the Supermarket Safe

When you’re in the supermarket, you’ll find the safe in the office by the hallway with all the Employee of the Month photos. On the desk next to the safe, there will be a note explaining that the code is tied to one of the pictures of the workers in the hall. Going back to the Employee of the Month photos, look for the dog and note month and year down.

The supermarket safe combination is 7 – 20 – 13. Once you input the code, press X to have Ellie open up the safe so you can get all the goodies stashed inside. You’ll find weapon upgrade supplies and a half bottle of alcohol if you want to make a Medkit. Despite the supermarket being swarmed with Clickers and regular infected, there won’t be any in this backroom so don’t worry about getting into a fight.

Given how expensive weapon and character upgrades are, it’s absolutely worth searching out these safes. There are a lot throughout The Last of Us Part 2, so keep an eye out for them as you begin your journey. While this code was easy to find, others are a little more obtuse. Typically, we found the clue and combination weren’t far away from the safe itself. So when you find one, spend some time searching the environment and other rooms around there.

Looking for our thoughts on the game? We recorded a spoiler free podcast with Weekend Writer, Natalie Flores; Guides Editor, Collin MacGregor; and Weekday Writer, Kenneth Shepard where they talk about as much as the game’s embargo allows. Soon we’ll be recording a spoiler filled podcast so stay tuned for that!


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