The Last of Us Part 2 Pharmacy Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

After much anticipation, The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived so it’s time to dive into this harrowing post-apocalyptic world. While it’s possible to beat this game without spending a lot of time scavenging, we strongly recommend you hunt for the different safes scattered throughout the different parts of Seattle. Almost every safe requires you to input three numbers and you can typically find the code somewhere on a piece of paper around the item.

These not only contain useful crafting materials and ammo but key items that can make your journey much easier. One safe that you can easily miss is in the pharmacy near after you sneak by all the Serpahites who are stalking around the parking garage. Like the others, you aren’t required to open this safe, but it will help – especially if you got in a fight with all the Seraphites.

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What is the Pharmacy Safe Code?

You can find the pharmacy safe after you get into a fight with the brute Scar. This is the enemy that will carry a sledgehammer and attacks Ellie when she tries to open a door. It’s a tricky fight if you’re low on ammo, so either back off and reestablish stealth or use your shotgun when he gets close. I’ve also found that the trip mine and Molotov cocktail are great for this foe. After you clear out the Brute, head up the stairs and enter the building numbered 3855.

Go around to the casher’s side of the register and look under the counter for the note. This will tell you that the Pharmacy Safe Code is 38-55-23. Once you have the code, run along the left wall until you find a hole in the wall you can climb through. Go through the hole into the backroom and approach the safe on the left. Input the code you found to get some rifle ammo, character upgrades, and crafting materials. You will also find a workbench and some weapon upgrade materials behind you.

Last of Us 2 Pharmacy Safe Code

I strongly recommend upgrading the bow if you haven’t already. It’s the only weapon you can craft ammo for, making it invaluable. This is also a silent weapon, so you can easily stealth kill enemies from a safe distance. The draw speed and stability should be your first upgrades since you always want to go for headshots so you can recover your ammo. Your next big fight will be much easier if you can pick off some of the people watching from above. So consider crafting

Remember, combinations never changes for safes and doors, you can bypass a lot of the busywork of hunting down notes. Given how scarce resources can be, opening every safe should be a priority. They’re rarely out of the way, plus there’s a trophy tied to unlocking them all. For more guides and safe codes make sure to visit our other guides for The Last of Us Part 2.


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