Last of Us Part 2 Jasmine Bakery Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

After much anticipation, The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived so it’s time to dive into this harrowing post-apocalyptic world. While it’s possible to beat this game without spending a lot of time scavenging, we strongly recommend you hunt for the different safes scattered throughout the different parts of Seattle. Almost every safe requires you to input three numbers and you can typically find the code somewhere on a piece of paper around the item.

These not only contain useful crafting materials and ammo but key items that can make your journey much easier. One safe you will come across during your playthrough as Abby will be in the Jasmine Bakery. This one is pretty easy to come across, but the code will require a little work to get to. Additionally, you will also find a new weapon in this area which we will detail after the code.

What is the Jasmine Bakery Safe Code?

You can find this safe in the hallway full of stores right before you cross the overgrown military checkpoint. When you arrive in the alley, head past Jasmine’s Bakery and go into the Asian restaurant on the left next to the store that houses the safe. Head inside and then go up the stairs to the second floor. In the next room there will be two Clickers roaming around the dining area, so open up your backpack and craft some shivs if you want to take them out silently. If not, use the Hunting Pistol to drop them with a well-placed headshot.

After both are dead, walk onto the balcony to your left and jump across the gap. Turn left when you’re across the gap and enter the door on your right. Resting atop some stacked crates is a note with the Jasmine Safe code which is 68-96-89.  Jump down to the lower floor and enter the bakery. where you’ll find the safe behind the counter. Inside you will find some supplies along with the Urban Warrior upgrade book, which focuses on close-quarters combat and improving the efficiency of your Medkits. 

Once you are done with the safe, head back up to where you found the note and hop down through the hole in the floor on your right. You’ll enter an antique shop where a lone Runner is roaming around. Dispatch this enemy and then grab the double-barrel shotgun hiding under the counter. This is a very strong weapon, capable of devastating any enemy foolish enough to fight at close range. Be careful though, as two Runners will drop down through the hole and attack. After they are dead, you can open up the door and continue on your journey.

Remember, combinations never changes for safes and doors, you can bypass a lot of the busywork of hunting down notes. Given how scarce resources can be, opening every safe should be a priority. They’re rarely out of the way, plus there’s a trophy tied to unlocking them all. For more guides and safe codes make sure to visit our other guides for The Last of Us Part 2.


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