The Last of Us Part 2 Apartment Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

After much anticipation, The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived so it’s time to dive into this harrowing post-apocalyptic world. While it’s possible to beat this game without spending a lot of time scavenging, we strongly recommend you hunt for the different safes scattered throughout the different parts of Seattle. Almost every safe requires you to input three numbers and you can typically find the code somewhere on a piece of paper around the item.

These not only contain useful crafting materials and ammo but key items that can make your journey much easier. One safe that you can miss is in the apartment complex after you get done exploring the bar infested with Clickers and Runners.

What is the Apartment Safe Code?

When you arrive at the apartment you will find the main door locked. Turn to your right and clamor through the open basement window to land in the laundry room. Head up the stairs and keep going until you reach the second floor. In front of you will be a door on the right and left. While the right one is open, the left is locked so it’s time to do some climbing.

Break the window in front of you and hop out onto the awning. Jump to the awning on the left and then enter the apartment through the window. You will find some supplies lying around along with a note that explains that the code is the previous owners anniversary date, minus 30 years. Go into the bedroom and inspect the calendar on the wall to see that their anniversary is on October 8. Go to the safe and input the code 10-08-83 to unlock it. Inside you will find some ammo and character upgrade pills.

Before you leave, make sure to head back into the second-floor hall and open up the other apartment door. Inside on the right in the bedroom, you will find the Chemistry Upgrade Book, which will open up a new set of skills for Ellie to unlock. There is also a workbench in the back of the apartment, but be careful. When you start using it a group of WLF will attack Ellie from behind. There’s no way to stop this, however, you can lay a few trip mines around the apartment’s living room to blow some up when they funnel in through the front door.

Take cover behind the couch and open fire or use a melee weapon to quickly dispatch them. The WLF won’t show up if you only raid the apartment on the left or just pick up the Chemistry Upgrade Book. So if you don’t need any upgrades and aren’t prepared for a fight, then skip messing with the workbench entirely.

Remember, combinations never changes for safes and doors, you can bypass a lot of the busywork of hunting down notes. Given how scarce resources can be, opening every safe should be a priority. They’re rarely out of the way, plus there’s a trophy tied to unlocking them all. For more guides and safe codes make sure to visit our other guides for The Last of Us Part 2.


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