Kirby and the Forgotten Land — 7 Tips to Help You On Your Adventure

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is out now, and it’s a colorful, cute romp on the Nintendo Switch. Yes, Kirby is hopping and bopping through the ruins of a long-dead civilization, but don’t think about that — think instead about how much fun he’s having turning into a car or a lightbulb. While you’re doing that, here are some tips to help you find all of the game’s secrets and overcome its challenges.

Stop, Drop, and Slide

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Kirby has a few extra moves that don’t see a ton of use, but can be helpful in tight spots. First, you can slide by pressing the jump button while crouching, which can damage enemies. Second, Kirby has a kind of dodge roll that he can use while not holding a power or in certain forms like Hammer. Hold crouch and move the analog stick, and he’ll do a little tumble that can get you out of the way of enemy attacks. He’s invincible while dodging, and the game will even go into slow motion for a second if you use it to narrowly avoid an attack. Lastly, don’t forgot that crouching will activate a defensive guard with certain powers like the Sword, which can block all enemy attacks — even bosses.

Select Your Power

You can hold down one of the face buttons for a few seconds to drop Kirby’s current power (depending on your control setting), but if you’re in a hurry, you can simply hit the minus/select button. Doing so will instantly drop your power, which can be especially useful in Treasure Road Mouthful Mode stages where you have to swap between objects quickly.

The Map Hides Secrets

You’ll unlock Treasure Road levels as you progress through the game, which test your abilities with different powers and reward you with Rare Stones. But you can find other Treasure Road stages — as well as Star Coins — by flying around the map and looking for button prompts. If you’re short on Rare Stones, you might want to scour the map for these hidden levels.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Listen to the Words of Wise Waddle Dee

At some point on your adventure, you’ll rescue Wise Waddle Dee, who will plant himself next to the Warp Star in Waddle Dee Town. Talk to him to learn if you’ve missed any blueprints in the levels you’ve played thus far, and to hear some stats on your adventure and the total accomplishments of all Kirby and the Forgotten Land players. If you talk to him enough, you might even get a present.

The Right Ability for the Job

When you first unlock Waddle Dee Shop, you’ll find the powers you’ve already discovered on display. Selecting them gives a somewhat confusing message about setting the ability… to the ability. The meaning of this will become apparent once you start evolving abilities by discovering blueprints and evolving powers. Basically, each power has multiple sub-abilities that can be toggled. Setting an ability means that all instances of that power in the world will grant you the selected option. So, if you evolve the Sword ability into the Gigant Sword, then you’ll get the latter power anytime you would get the Sword. Make sure to set the powers to your favorites!

Get Some Sleep

Once you’ve rescued 50 Waddle Dees, they’ll build Kirby a little house in town. Head inside to take a quick nap and recover your health if you’re low, since the game doesn’t automatically refill your energy between stages.

Use Present Codes for Free Stuff

If you’re a little low on Star Coins or Rare Stones for evolving powers or purchasing items in Waddle Dee Town, don’t forget about Waddle Dee-liveries. You can discover codes around the town that will grant you gifts, and you can go online to get even more. For a full list of Present Codes, check out our guide.


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