Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rot Guide – How to Increase Your Rot Level

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Ember Lab. Available on PS4, PS5, and PC (Epic Games Store), Kena: Bridge of Spirits is set in a gorgeous world filled with all types of fascinating characters. You play Kena, a third-generation spirit guide who is tasked with helping restless souls move on into the afterlife. Unfortunately, Kena’s home is being ravaged by overwhelming corruption and it’s up to her to fight back this darkness. Taking inspiration from games like Pikmin, Kena can call upon the assistance of cute little forest creatures known as Rot. These adorable goobers can help you solve puzzles, fight enemies, move objects, point out key items you might miss, and dispel any corruption you come across. While you will only start out with a few, it benefits you to seek out more to join your small army.

How to Get More Rot

Rot are found in two different ways in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The first is simply as a reward after reaching a specific story moment or defeating a key foe. For example, after getting rid of all the corruption around Rusu’s home I was awarded three Rot. Unfortunately, this isn’t a consistent method for gaining Rot and it will take a long time to raise your Rot Level if you only focus on the ones offered by completing story missions. Instead, you will want to keep your eye out for any Rot hiding in the environment. In Kena, these creatures can essentially fuse with the environment forcing you to interact with it.

Thankfully, they aren’t exactly subtle when they are hiding in an object or part of the environment. As you explore, you will occasionally come across something that is glowing pink. This indicates that a Rot is hiding in that object and you can investigate it to summon one at Kena’s feet. You can do this by either pressing L1 near the item or by pressing Triangle to interact with it. Doing so will cause a small pink orb to land on the ground, which will turn into a Rot if you press Triangle next to it.

Once you obtain a Rot, it will be permanently added to your group and raise your Rot level. If you are struggling to locate Rot, you can use Kena’s Taro mask to track their footprints. This mask is obtained fairly early on into the game’s story and will let you see a bunch of objects in the environment. After obtaining the mask, press left on the D-Pad to put the mask on and then look for a trail of pink footprints. If you see some, this will let you know that a Rot is hiding nearby. Unfortunately, you cannot move with the mask on so you’ll need to keep taking it on and off Kena as you go through locations.

As for your Rot Level, this is simply increased by getting more Rot. Every level has a designated amount of Rot you need to hit to advance your rank. For example, to hit Rank 3 you will need to find 35 Rot. Leveling this up will unlock new abilities and give you additional Rot Charges in combat. This is the most valuable aspect of Rot, as they let you perform powerful moves, destroy corrupted flowers, or just immobilize enemies for a short period of time. If you want to focus on collecting anything in Kena, it’s the Rot.


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