John Wick Hex Tips – 14 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

John Wick Hex is a strategy game with action in spades. Master this interesting game with our tips!

John Wick Hex is a tactical take on the increasingly popular character. And despite the terrifying power of its title character, the game gets rather difficult rather quickly! Not to mention there’s a lot to wrap your head around in this pseudo-real-time adventure. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and put together this John Wick Hex tips for your maximum convenience. They should help put you on the path to understanding the game as much as possible before you ever take a turn. With that out of the way, let’s get to the action.

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Read Everything You Can – John Wick Hex Tips

John Wick Hex hits you with a lot of information very quickly. While you can take things one step at a time, and wait for the game to walk you through it, there’s still a lot of info left to parse. Most of this appears when you select an enemy or try to attack them. The game will give you information on their hit chance, as well as your chance to hit them. More than that, it will tell you what factors are at play. Being close to an enemy, or having extra Focus, will increase your effectiveness. Read up on what is affecting you to better understand your situation.

It’s Okay to Run and Hide – John Wick Hex Tips

John Wick gets hit. That’s part of what makes him so cool! He can take a licking and keep on ticking (or at least keep moving). However, you can mitigate the damage you take by continuing to move. In fact, running is very often your best option — whether that’s towards danger or away from it.

Moving and especially dodge rolling reduce the percentage chance that enemies will hit you. Moving away from enemies is obviously safer. The game makes it clear you can break line of sight that way. But moving near enemies puts you in range to melee them. Parries in particular are super quick. So, while being up close increases accuracy, you might be able to dodge and/or strike a foe out of an attack by closing the distance.

John Wick Hex Tips

Crouching Affects You, Too – John Wick Hex Tips

Line of sight is a huge part of John Wick Hex. Crouching below low cover will force enemies to lose sight of you. However, this cuts both ways. You will often be unable to see them, as well. It’s sometimes better to just take them out quickly. That way multiple foes have less chance of ganging up on you.

John is Better At Everything – John Wick Hex Tips

John Wick is a badass. Anyone that’s seen the movies knows this for a fact. John Wick Hex represents this in-game by giving him more health than his enemies, because that’s video games, but also grants him greater speed. John is usually faster to react than his opponents and has more options. You’d think a brawler, for instance, would have the upper hand in close quarters combat. Nope! John can kick their asses in a second (literally). Let them get up next to you and punch them but good.

The Custom Handgun Whips – John Wick Hex Tips

You start each run of levels in John Wick Hex with the protagonist’s own special pistol. It comes with the rare option to reload, and seems a little more accurate than some random schmuck’s gun you pick up off the ground. You want to hold onto it as long as possible! That means making liberal use of melee abilities. That’s fine, though, because you should be using hand-to-hand combat quite a lot anyway. It’s just as lethal as firearms (in-game anyway) and will save you ammo no matter which weapon you’re rocking.

John Wick Hex Tips

They Just Don’t Stop – John Wick Hex Tips

Not every mission has a finite number of baddies. Some levels — particularly boss fights — will start endlessly spawning enemies under the right conditions. That means you need to balance completing your objective with keeping their numbers down. It’s effectively a soft time limit. If too many bad guys swarm around John, you’re done. Being wildly outnumbered for too long is pretty much his one weakness. So pay attention! If it seems like enemies just don’t stop spawning into a level, it probably means they won’t until you make them.

Stay Near a Weapon or Three – John Wick Hex Tips

Unlike your opponents, ammo is quite limited all throughout John Wick Hex. And  you can burn through it deceptively quickly. Early on (though it depends on the weapon) John will usually fire two bullets per attack. That means you’re actually draining bullets twice as fast as it might seem. Picking up a gun takes time, and isn’t something you want to do in the middle of a firefight. Yet it’s often your only option. That’s why you should always try to stay near guns if you can, during battle. Having the choice is better than not!

You Can’t Do Much While Crouched – John Wick Hex Tips

This is an extension of my previous tip. John Wick Hex severely limits your movements when you’re crouched. You can’t do melee or move normally. Nearly all you can do is open doors, roll, and pick up guns. That last option is actually pretty useful. It allows you to get behind cover next to a gun, break line of sight, and get a freshly loaded weapon. Waiting is also often very useful while crouched. Enemies, in particular Brawlers, will try to get you back into their line of sight. Staying still gives you the chance to ambush them. Staying still while crouched lets you ambush them and provides an accuracy bonus. Crouching is all about knowing what you can and cannot do.

John Wick Hex Tips

Prepare Before Doors – John Wick Hex Tips

This is one of my smallest John Wick Hex tips, and another extension of the previous one, but it can be important. There aren’t a lot of ways to prepare for battle in the thick of a level. But you do get a few! Bandages, recharging your Focus, and just crouching are all great ways to get ready. You especially want to do this in front of doors. I’d say the vast majority of doors you open by yourself in this game are hiding at least one enemy directly behind them. Crouching will give you a better chance of killing them immediately. Whereas more Focus and health will protect you from any follow-up attention.

Guns Attract Attention – John Wick Hex Tips

John Wick Hex isn’t exactly a stealth game. However, enemies will remain unaware of you if you sneak up behind them and don’t make a ruckus. Firing off a handgun definitely counts as a “ruckus.” That’s all the more reason to try and melee fools early and often. Doing so will save you ammo and keep nearby foes from counting down to attacking. That gives you more time to prepare.

Pink Means Go (Ahead and Shoot) – John Wick Hex Tips

The game informs you pretty early on that hostile attention will interrupt your movement. That’s good! It means you can basically walk around without fear of getting surprised. However, there are some other helpful UI elements that the game doesn’t draw as much attention to, even though they help. The most obvious are the white and pink chevrons that appear over enemy heads. The white ones indicate that an enemy is within your view, but hasn’t reacted to your presence yet. Whereas pink means they’re about to take aggressive action.

There can be all kinds of nuance to how you play John Wick Hex. For the most part, however, you want to prioritize enemies with pink icons. Shooting them before they shoot you (if you can) will interrupt them, buying you even more time to deal with those still unaware. Beyond just the color, there’s also a number indicating how long you have until each action plays out. All of that is to say you can figure out which order to interrupt enemies at a glance, without actually clicking on individual units.

John Wick Hex Tips

Might as Well Refocus – John Wick Hex Tips

It’s free rebuild your Focus: the action where John shakes his head and regains some composure. All it costs is time! That means this is a very risky move to do in the middle of combat, but a complete safe one to do if you’re even remotely sure enemies aren’t nearby. Even if they are close, so long as you start the action before they get within line of sight, you will usually finish focusing before they can take react. Focus is incredibly important, too. It lets you dodge roll and perform melee hits. Getting caught without it can be a death sentence. You might as well refocus (even if the resource is almost all the way full) whenever you get the chance.

Stick and Move – John Wick Hex Tips

Bosses are by far the most dangerous enemies in John Wick Hex. That’s just common sense! But what makes them dangerous is how they shrug off bullets until you melee them into submission. But just senselessly punching them to reduce a boss’s Focus to zero is rarely the best option! Even getting their Focus down a few pips will make them vulnerable to real damage. If you’re reasonably sure you can whittle down their HP, that’s often the better choice than continuing to scuffle.

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that boss Focus regenerates automatically. Only damaging their true health bar stays permanent. Sure, reducing their Focus still gives you a longer window to deal that damage, but odds are you won’t be able to use it. That’s because of the second factor: random enemies. Remember how minions can continue to spawn during boss fights? Well, they will probably force you to back off a boss and reposition. That means all the Focus damage you did will go away anyway, and you might not even have any HP damage to show for it.

It’s Safe to Kill the Boss – John Wick Hex Tips

Sometimes you’re just out of moves. Sometimes you just absolutely know you’re about to get killed to death by 30 dudes surrounding you with weapons. That stinks! But it isn’t 100 percent necessarily the end. While you can’t use a level exit while under suspicion from nearby enemies, you can kill bosses that way. Plugging them will usually end the level and protect you from incoming death — regardless of how many nearby, endlessly spawning enemies might be ready to plug you right back. When all else fails, just go for broke!

Thanks for taking a moment to read our John Wick Hex tips! Feel free to take some time and check out the rest of our coverage, our other guides, or any number of ridiculous things we do here at Fanbyte. Until then, take care and have fun!