Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Supported? – R6S Cross Save & Crossplay Guide

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games available right now. Revolving around highly tactical team-based gameplay, squads of five battle it out in a variety of objective-themed modes. Over six years old, this franchise officially crossed over 200,000 concurrent players and has a plethora of updates that expand upon this series. With new content added every season, various in-game events, and an explosively popular competitive scene, there’s something for every FPS fan in Rainbow Six Siege. However, one feature that has been sorely missing is crossplay and cross-save. Thankfully, Ubisoft Montreal revealed during E3 that both of these features are planned for their hit game in the future.

Rainbow Six Siege crossplay cross save

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have Crossplay?

At the time of writing this, crossplay is set to roll out in two separate forms. One that focuses solely on those playing through different PC platforms and another that is specific for console users. Meaning, on June 30, 2021, crossplay will launch for those on PC, Stadia, and Luna. In early 2022, crossplay will come specifically for Xbox and PlayStation users. There appears to be no plans to bridge the gap between console and PC users. I suspect this is for balancing reasons, as PC players have a massive advantage over those who play on consoles thanks to their pinpoint accuracy.

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have Cross-Save?

During Ubisoft’s E3 conference they revealed that cross-progression is set to come to every platform sometime in Early 2022. While you won’t be able to play with your PC friends on PlayStation, you can jump between the platforms and use the same profile. Ubisoft didn’t reveal any details on how this system will work or how you’ll sign up. Just know that, if you’re like me and have been wanting to bring your cosmetics to a different platform, you will finally be able to in 2022. I will update this guide with the exact details about how this process works once they’ve been revealed.

Along with the announcement of crossplay and cross-save, Ubisoft revealed the next story trailer for the upcoming Indigenous operator, Thunderbird. Set to release on June 14, Thunderbird is a one armor, three-speed operator focused on providing medical attention to her team. When her gadget is deployed, it will heal any friendly players who step into the gadget’s radius. Additionally, this gadget can pick up a downed teammate if they are able to get close to the item. This makes it a rather potent tool for Defenders. Just be careful as your opponents can use this tool as well if they come across it! This makes smart placement key, otherwise, you may end up helping out your foes. She can use Spear .308 assault rifle or SPAS-15 shotgun, along with impact grenades or Nitro Cell.

The new season and Thunderbird launchers on June 14 for all platforms.


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