Is Halo Infinite Crossplay Supported? – Cross Save & Crossplay Guide

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Set to continue to the story of Master Cheif, this title will be separated into two separate components. The first is the single-player which was only briefly teased during this year’s E3, with no gameplay of the actual campaign shown since last year. Inversely, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer got a big showcase, with not only a first look gameplay trailer but a longer deep dive stream into various changes coming to this shooter. Of course, one of the biggest things that many players want to know is will Halo Infinite support both crossplay and cross-progression. Thankfully, 343 Industries addressed these concerns during their multiplayer stream.

Does Halo Infinite Have Crossplay?

Yes! Fear not fellow Spartans, Halo Infinite will launch with crossplay for both Xbox and PC players. This feature will be supported across both the campaign and multiplayer. So whether you want to play co-op through Master Chief’s latest adventure or blast some friends in a game of Big Team Battle, you won’t need to worry about being on the same console. That being said, I suspect crossplay will function exactly as it does for other Microsoft titles like Sea of Thieves. Meaning, you will need to at least make an Xbox profile if you are on PC so people can invite you. When the game launches, I will add specifics for how to invite and play with your friends online.

Does Halo Infinite Have Cross-Save?

Also yes! It was confirmed during the Halo Infinite multiplayer video that the game will support cross-progression across PC and Xbox. How this will function is still unclear since we are months out from the game’s release. Once more information about Halo Infinite’s cross-save is revealed I will update this guide!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Recap

For those that missed the Halo Infinite multiplayer stream, there are a number of changes coming to this game’s mechanics. One of the biggest is how equipment and power-ups will function in the sandbox. Instead of starting with a piece of equipment, you will need to manually find it on the map. As for power-ups, previously the overshield and cloak would trigger the moment you interacted with them. In Halo Infinite you will add this power-up to your inventory and can trigger it at any time while you’re playing. The catch is if you die with an unused power-up it will drop so someone else can pick it up.

Vehicles also received some changes, with them being able to receive actual damage that will impact their performance. For example, you can now blow up the wheels on a Warthog, which will obviously make it trickier to maneuver. If you do enough damage they will enter a “doomsday” state which means they’ll explode after a few seconds regardless if they aren’t being shot anymore. Halo Infinite will also include a new training area called the Academy along with a variety of customization options for your online Spartan.

Halo Infinite launches on Xbox and PC this holiday season.