Is Fall Guys Down for Maintenance Right Now?

The launch of Fall Guys has been incredibly rocky. With so many folks having played during the beta and streaming on Twitch, there was a plethora of players simply waiting to get their hands on it. With a small development team, the game wasn’t exactly ready to handle it and has had consistent server issues since launch. Thankfully, the Mediatonic team has launched a Twitter account dedicated to server status updates and issues.

Is Fall Guys Down for Maintenance?

No. The servers are currently live.

If you think the servers are down, check out the Fall Guys Server Owl account. Please note that the account only posts updates, it is not a support portal and will never reply to tweets. If you need help outside of the servers being down, you can file a support ticket with the development team.

Where Can I Get Fall Guys Updates?

As we mentioned, there’s the Fall Guys Server Owl account which we’ve linked above. You can also follow the official Fall Guys Twitter account which shares updates, though comments less frequently on server related problems.

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Even just this past weekend things were very unreliable with the servers going up and down, players getting dropped, and other various game issues.

Things got so bad when the game first launched, especially with it being a free PlayStation Plus title, that Mediatonic had to disable account creation on the PS4.

Hopefully things will only continue to grow more stable and predictable from here on out. We certainly hope that sudden maintenance periods are growing pains and not the norm going forward. That said, we’ll keep this page updated with as much information as possible!


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