Innocence (Normal): FF14 Crown of the Immaculate Trial Guide – Strategy & Tips

It's time for the second Trial of Shadowbringers, as we take down Innocence in FF14.

Square Enix kept pretty tight lipped about Innocence in FF14: Shadowbringers. All we knew about this Trial boss going in was that they had an angelic look and would be the second Trial in the game’s new expansion. Well, now the truth is out for players that have beaten the Mt. Gulg dungeon. The Crown of the Immaculate opens up immediately after that duty — and we’re forced to face this multi-phase boss. Get ready to develop a healthy glow during our Innocence Trial guide to FF14!

Realmrazer – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

Much like nearly every boss in FF14, Innocence has a group-wide area-of-effect attack. This is one of their most basic attacks and cannot be avoided, although it will be used again and again throughout the fight. Healers must be ready to power through this with their own AoE heals as much as possible. Tanks can also take some pressure off the healers by shielding themselves through it. However, the damage is negligible compared to other, rarer attacks during the Crown of the Immaculate. So it’s often better to save defensive skills with lengthy cooldown periods for later instead.

Heavenly Host – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

This is a very simple “attack” that just summons five additional enemies. The off tank (whichever tank isn’t being targeted by Innocence) should grab their attention and pull them together. The closer they are, the faster DPS plays can burn them down with AoE attacks. Just watch out for the adds’ own very small AoE attacks! Subsequent waves of these adds will gain a buff that allows them to deal damage in a slightly larger area, but the basics remain the same.

Daybreak – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

Once again we have a very easy, recognizable attack pattern! Daybreak summons three AoE circles in random areas around the battlefield. Simply move out of the way like you would with any such attack. Be doubly sure to avoid standing in spots where the circles overlap, too, so as to avoid double damage.

FF14 Innocence guide

Meteors – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

Next Innocence will summon four “meteor markers” around the arena. These are identical to the ones you face throughout FF14, but can be recognized by the glowing pulse at the heart of each circle. At least one player needs to stand inside each meteor marker before the slow, falling projectiles above the circles hit the ground. Said players will take light damage for their trouble. However, this stops much greater damage from being dealt to the entire party.

Enthrall – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

While Innocence summons his meteors, the boss will also begin casting Enthrall. This does exactly what it sounds like. Any player affected by the attack will be temporarily mind controlled and compelled to attack their allies. That’s a bad thing! Luckily, Enthrall is easy to avoid. It’s a “gaze attack” similar to a lot of boss abilities in FF14. In addition to the cast timer, the spell is also telegraphed by a giant, purple eyeball symbol on Innocence himself. This is your indicator to turn and face away from the boss. Doing so completely negates the effects of Enthrall.

Transformation – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

This isn’t really an attack unto itself. Instead, Innocence will begin to sprout wings from its back — signifying the beginning of a new phase. During the transformation process, Innocence will continuously deal high, party-wide damage. It’s the roughly equivalent to the boss casting Realmrazer over and over again in quick succession. That means healers must be on their game. Tanks can also help them out by mitigating some of the damage with shields. After the transformation is complete, however, you will receive a checkpoint. Wiping from this point on will restart you at phase two.

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Righteous Bolt – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

The new and improved Innocence doesn’t start with anything too flashy. The boss will ring in its rebirth with a tankbuster called Righteous Bolt. This simply does high, single-target damage to whoever has the boss’s attention. If you’re playing correctly, this will be one of the tanks.

Winged Reprobation – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

Winged Reprobation is two attacks in one. The first wave of the onslaught begins when Innocence calls down two swords at opposite sides of the arena. These will fire out overlapping line AoE attacks that must be avoided. Once they’re done, however, Innocence himself will summon a rotating “river” of damage in a curved pattern on the ground. This marker will appear, deal its damage, rotate, and repeat the process several times before disappearing. The easiest way to avoid it is by standing in one of the gaps in the marker — that way it passes harmlessly past you when it rotates.

Rightful Reprobation – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

Rightful Reprobation also summons a criss-cross of AoE attacks. The first wave isn’t hard to avoid, however. Just don’t stand in the large, blue lines that spread across the arena in a star pattern. And then stay perfectly still. Rightful Reprobation will fire off a second time, with next to no warning, in exactly the same pattern as the first wave. That means standing still is the easiest way to stay safe!

Shadowreaver – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

This is another unavoidable AoE attack that will damage the entire party — nearly identical to Realmrazer. Deal with it like you normally would: by shielding and healing.

FF14 Innocence guide

Add Phase & Immaculate Authority – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

Innocence will eventually move to one side of the field and become invincible. In his stead, you need to deal with a circle of adds that flank the outside edges of the arena. This is a “DPS check,” where damage-dealers must be on their game and kill the enemies as quickly as possible.

Don’t just go around playing whack-a-mole willy nilly, though. An add at the center of the battlefield will periodically tether itself with a blue beam to one of the surrounding monsters. Focus your attention on the tethered adds! If you don’t, the creature will be sucked into the center, dealing room-wide damage and a vulnerability debuff to all players. When the surrounding monsters are dead, you can kill the one in the center. You must do so before the Immaculate Authority gauge on-screen reaches 100 percent. If you fail to do so, the entire team will instantly die.

God Ray – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

This is a room-wide AoE attack split into wedges. Innocence will fire three cone-shaped AoE attacks will limited safe zones in between. Stand inside these to avoid the damage. Be ready to move, however, as the boss will follow up with yet more wedges of damaging light. The safe spaces will rotate with each new cast, so you must adjust your position accordingly.

FF14 Innocence guide

Light Pillar – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

This is an incredibly powerful beam attack that targets a specific player. The rest of the team must stack up in a single file line, matching the arrow marker that appears above the unfortunate player, to share the damage. This will divide the blast between every affected player. However, if even a few players don’t join the conga line, the damage from Light Pillar is still high enough to kill most non-tank players. Everybody needs to do their part and be ready to stack up!

Beatific Vision – Innocence FF14 Trial Guide

This is a very unique attack where Innocence moves to one side of the room and prepares to charge all the way through it. When he does, the boss will deal proximity damage (meaning you take more damage the closer you stand to wherever Innocence is charging). Players need to stand at the far edges of the arena, hugging the walls as far away as possible from the line radiating line that appears on the floor.

Around this time, Innocence will also drop purple AoE markers on random players. These are unavoidable and absolutely huge. Affected players should spread away from each other and their allies in order to avoid spreading the damage.

If you can survive all this, congratulations! You’ve beaten Innocence and The Crown of the Immaculate Trial in FF14. Thanks for taking the time to read our latest guide. There is still one more normal Trial in Shadowbringers, however, so make sure you stick it out till the end. Finally, be sure to check out our full list of FF14: Shadowbringers coverage in our mega guide. Until next time, thanks for reading and take care!


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