Immortals Fenyx Rising Path of Erebos Vault Guide – Chest Location

Immortals Fenyx Rising is the latest game from Ubisoft and it’s easily one of the best action/adventure games of the year. You play Fenyx, a young soldier who is thrust into a mythical quest to save the gods of Olympus from Typhon. Taking inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tomb Raider, and Assassin’s Creed, players will need to complete puzzle vaults to earn special rewards. In almost every vault there is a secret chest you can earn, but this is easier said than done. With no real explanation, you’ll need to use your own wits to survive Immortals Fenyx Rising’s most devious tricks.

Here’s how to complete the Path of Erebos Vault and earn the secret chest.

How to Beat The Path of Erebos

The theme of this vault is dodging the very deadly laser beams. When you arrive, go straight down the path and jump over the three horizontal lasers in front of you. After reaching the first checkpoint, carefully walk across the slender path, hopping over the lasers along the way. Once you reach the spinning laser beams, wait until one passes by the narrow platform before quickly double-jumping over the last set of horizontal lasers and running to safety on the left.

Your next obstacle is a pathway that consists of around five lasers that cover the entire floor. These beams will be blocked by a moving block that sways from side to side. Wait until the box cover the three beams on the left before hopping down and sprinting to the other end. If you have enough stamina, (roughly 5 bars) you can reach the end before the block starts moving. If not, just slow down and move with the block as it goes to the right before sprinting to the last half.

Now for the hardest part, you will need to jump and glide through two sets of two different laser beams. For the first one, double jump over the first beam and then immediately start gliding when you start to fall. If timed correctly, you should glide safely under the raised laser and grab onto the ledge. As for the second set, you’ll want to perform a single jump under the high beam and then jump again once you’ve cleared it. Start gliding over the lower beam to the other side. This section is all about timing, so watch your shadow on the wall if you are having trouble knowing when to jump or glide.

Interact with the switch to cause the lasers to start moving near the start of the vault. To reach this side, wait for the laser in front of you to go low before performing a double jump and gliding to the other side. Once you reach the entrance you can take the elevator on your left to the top. You’ll need to dodge three cheeky lasers on the ride up, so just move to the left or right side of the lift to completely avoid them. Do not grab Zeus’ Lightning first if you have Hephaistos Hammer. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising Path of Erebos Chest

Path of Erebos Secret Chest

To get the chest, go to the very end of the level and walk to either the right or left side of the shrine. Face the shrine and perform a double jump to grab onto the roof. Hoist yourself up and walk to the very edge facing the massive puzzle you just ran through. Perform a double jump and start gliding towards a raiser set of columns at the apex of your jump. If you have enough stamina (or stamina potions) you should reach the pillars marked in the above picture. Now approach the console on the left to summon a massive metal cube. Use Hephaistos’ Hammer to bonk it near the chest, glide over, and move it to the pressure plate. This deactivates the barrier letting you access the chest and all its goodies!


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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough. I have tried Over and over to jump onto the Shrine roof to no avail. Why can’t I jump high enough? Thanks.

    1. The shrine roof is really, really wonky. If you’re having trouble, I would recommend going to Ares zone and unlocking his ability. This gives Fenyx a huge boost into the air when she uses it, letting you reach higher areas. You can always come back and get chests if you’re having trouble!

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