Hyper Scape Invite Guide – How to Invite Friends & Make a Squad

Hyper Scape is the latest battle royale game wading into the very competitive genre. This battle royale game is all about movement and unique abilities that will give you an edge in a fight. Currently only available to select individuals or those who earn a copy via Twitch Drops, the Technical Test can be a little tricky to get into. However, once you are actually able to download you can thankfully play with any of your buddies who got into the game.

How to Invite Friends

In order to play with others, you will need to complete the brief tutorial first. This is a very short segment that introduces you to the basic weapons, mechanics, and abilities you’ll find throughout the world. I recommend not skipping this, as there are a lot of strong skills that are key to truly succeed and gaining an advantage in firefights. After you complete this you can hop into a game and form your squad.

To invite friends, you will need to go to the Hyper Scape Hub. This actually accessed via the main menu by hitting ESC. Once you open up the menu, select the hub to be warped out of your game to a large room you can freely roam around in. Approach the icon floating in front of the pyramid portal on the right. This is the Squad hub, where you can invite up to two other players to join your team. After they join your squad, you can run-up to the orange portal and start your game.

Alternatively, in the game mode selection screen, hit O to open up the social menu. You can also invite any of your friends into the game. Keep in mind, this title is on UPlay, so you’ll need to add anyone you want to squad up with there. After that, you can simply hop into the game and try out Hyper Scape until the technical test ends.

What is Hyper Scape?

For the unfamiliar, Hyper Scape is a battle royale that sees 99 players in teams of three drop into a massive city in an attempt to be the last squad standing. While the typical staples of the battle royale genre are there, such as scavenging for weapons, ammo, and supplies, this title also takes things in a unique direction. Players can grab abilities on the ground such as being able to turn invisible or provide armor. These, along with guns, can be upgraded via the Fuse mechanic to improve their functionality in-game.

Additionally, if you die you are free to roam around the map and ping targets for your team. No one can stop you from doing this and you can be revived at any player’s death location. There’s also a voting feature where viewers on Twitch can pick what in-game events take place. All of this creates a chaotic battle royal experience that’s equal parts Mirror’s Edge, Quake, and Apex Legends. Whether it will stand the test of time is still unknown, but it’s an ambitious launch and generally entertaining.