How to Watch Twitch on Roku Devices (August 2020)

Just in time for Summer Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick just began, but I, like many of you, fired up my Roku device to watch the event in bed to find Twitch’s official app had been discontinued. At one point, it would load but not update, but now it’s totally broken. Don’t despair! Through the power of non-certified channels you can watch Twitch on your Roku in a few easy steps.

Go to Your Roku Account in Browser

You would’ve had to do this at some point in your Roku ownership, but in case you forgot, you have a Roku account you can access through your phone or computer. Just go to and log in. From there you have very standard options about your account, channels, device lists, and payment methods, but you also have the means to add non-certified channels to your account.

roku menu

Add Channel with a Code

Under your three main account blocks (Account Information, PIN Preference, and Payment Method), you’ll find another block with additional options (above My Linked Devices). At the top left of this block, you’ll see “Add channel with a code.” Click that.

Enter “Twoku” and Prosper

In the next screen, you’ll see a prompt to add a channel access code in a small text box. Enter “Twoku” in this box and click “Add channel” when you’re done.

Be Brave and Click OK

Listen, Roku is gonna yell at you for trying to add a non-certified channel to your devices when you could instead add one of the “thousands” of channels that have been certified. Have you ever read an exhaustive list of certified channels? The Yoga Barn? Hank’s Breakfast World? The CNN Weather Companion? Al Roker’s Peanuts Gang (which is just a still of this haunting image on your Roku)? Besides about ten channels off the top of my head, Roku is a total mess of useless apps you’ll never in your life dare to use. Why does it care about you adding a non-certified channel? Just click “OK” and be done with it. (Skip a section if you want to know the deal with non-certified channels)

Refresh Your Home Page and Watch Twitch

The Twoku channel should appear at the bottom of your home channels on your Roku device. If it doesn’t, go to Settings then System then System Update to check for updates for your channels. It should also refresh your home page and add the channel. Go into Twoku and start watching! You’ll be able to log in with your Twitch account, browse channels, browse categories, etc. You won’t be able to interact with chat in this channel, but honestly were you going to type anything constructive with that little remote. It’d take you 30 seconds to drop an “f” in chat.

Okay, What’s the Deal with Non-Certified Channels?

Alright so you’re bothered by Roku’s warning about non-certified channels. First of all, they wouldn’t give you the option if it weren’t at least mostly okay, right? Right. Second of all, non-certified channels are ways to leverage a powerful platform without needing to adhere to certain standards Roku wants to control. You can find non-certified channels for more powerful browsers, the ability to watch international wrestling matches, and, yes, I know you’re thinking about it, pornography. Non-certified channels aren’t in Roku’s control, so if you see something in them that bugs you or if it stops working, it’s not Roku’s responsibility. That’s all. So yes, always read up about a non-certified channel before adding it and accessing it, but for the most part you’re good to go!