How to Upgrade the Health Booster in MWH – Unlock the Health Booster+

Learn how to unlock Feisty Girl Talk and upgrade the Health Booster in MHW!

The MHW Health Booster is one of the most useful items to upgrade in the game. Boosters and mantles are more powerful than ever, thanks to Iceborne — the first paid expansion to Monster Hunter: World. That’s thanks to a series of upgrades you can apply by completing specially marked optional quests. Mantles get bonus jewel slots, while items like the Health Booster get increased range and potency. It’s in your best interest to juice up all your equipment in MHW as soon as possible. And that’s exactly why we put together this guide. It’s time to learn how to upgrade the Health Booster in MWH, via the Iceborne expansion!

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MHW lets you know early on that you can upgrade equipment. Once you hit Iceborne, you can unlock items like the Cleanser Booster+ and “cram” decoration slots into mantles. But the Health Booster in MHW is a bit tricky… The game doesn’t automatically point you to a specific mission or delivery in order to upgrade it. That’s a shame, because the Health Booster is one of the most commonly used items of its type in MHW. It’s also a great way to keep your erstwhile allies from dying!

Luckily, the actual process to upgrade the Health Booster isn’t very hard. You just have to beat a handful of Master Rank missions!

Of course, this requires you to actually unlock Master Rank first. And that requires you to own Iceborne (the latest Monster Hunter expansion) and to start your campaign in the Hoarfrost Reach. Once that’s out of the way, though, you’re well on your way! You’ll start to notice yellow exclamation points in the new hub town: Seliana. One NPC in particular — the woman who runs the Seliana Armory — will give you one mission after another. Keep your eye on her, and her requests, as you progress.

The quest to upgrade your Health Booster in MHW begins at Master Rank 6, but you can start unlocking it at Master Rank 4. Don’t worry if you haven’t hit Master Rank 4 yet; it won’t take long, and just about any mission you do will raise your rank accordingly. Just play normally until you hit Master Rank 4!

MHW Upgrade Health Booster

Health Booster Upgrade – MHW Guide for Iceborne

When you reach the desired level, check the mission board. You’re looking for the two-star Master Rank optional quest called “Fool’s Mate.” This is a very simple mission to hunt a Rathian. You can capture it or kill it. Either way works! Although capturing it will land you the Special Arena quest for a Master Rank Rathian down the line.

Now you need to work your way up to Master Rank 6. Luckily, that’s as high as you need to go for the Health Booster upgrade. When you reach it, you should unlock the mission “Pink Power Grab.” This is very similar to Fool’s Mate, except that you need to fight a Pink Rathian. Once again, either capturing or killing works just fine.

With both of those missions out of the way, head back to Seliana. The woman who runs the armory will have another yellow exclamation mark over her head. This indicates that you can accept the quest “Feisty Girl Talk.” In this mission, you need to fight both a Rathian and a Pink Rathian in one go. It shouldn’t be anything special compared to what you did up to this point, however. Neither monster is tempered. Nor do you have to capture them. Just deal with them however you see fit to finish the quest and upgrade the Health Booster in MHW!

MHW Upgrade Health Booster

Feisty Girl Talk – Master Rank & Optional Quest Rules

If you’re wondering how this works: it’s simple. Certain optional quests require other optional quests to unlock! Basically, most optional quests that require you to fight two or more monsters first task you with hunting those monsters individually — specifically in optional quests of their own. Feisty Girl Talk only unlocks after you first do the “official” optional quests for a Rathian and a Pink Rathian, respectively.

Of course, MHW doesn’t really tell you that… It’s best to just do every specific optional quest you can as soon as they unlock. In this case, that will net you the Health Booster upgrade in MHW. In other cases, it might be different unlocks. Sometimes this even applies to the Special Arena quests, where you need to capture a monster first! Keep that in mind as you proceed through Iceborne. And until next time, take care!