How to Unlock Andy in PUBG Mobile: All Skills and Rewards

Now all those Puppetmaster skins make sense

After little more than a few tweets here and there since the 0.18.0 launch, Andy has arrived in PUBG Mobile. Any player of the full fat PUBG might be lost already, so let’s go over the basics.

Andy is the fourth named character to release in the mobile version of the game after Victor, Sara, and Carlo. While still an avatar-based game filled to the brim with skins and costumes, these pre-made characters offer upgradable perks and bonuses in select game modes, giving players another RPG element to work toward as they rack up chicken dinners.

PUBG Mobile Andy unlock

How to unlock Andy in PUBG Mobile

Before June 17

If you boot up the game before June 16, grabbing Andy is a straightforward process. You should be presented with a splash ad as you load into the main menu that you can tap to take you right to the purchase page. Unlike Victor, who was released for free initially, Andy follows in the footsteps of Sara and Carlo, costing a whopping 1200 UC to pick up and play.

After June 17

If you closed the window or missed that splash ad event window, you’ll probably have difficulty finding Andy and the rest of the characters if you decide you want to buy them later down the line. They’re not on a strict timer, meaning you can pick them up as you please, but to find them again is to dive deep into the labyrinth that is PUBG Mobile‘s main menu.

To buy and unlock Andy after the fact, you need to tap into the Workshop on the bottom section of the main menu. Tap “Character” on the popup sub-menu and you should land on what should be called the “Characters” screen. The added S really would differentiate between pre-made characters and your usual Battle Royale character.

Anyway. On this screen you’re free to pick and choose which character you’d like to equip (if you have them unlocked already). If it throws you straight onto your currently equipped character like Victor or Sara, tap the Switch Character button at the to land on the character carousel. Rather than hit where it might say “Locked” to unlock a new character, you actually need to tap their photo. Tap on Andy and you should land on his purchase screen.

PUBG Mobile Andy skills

Andy’s Skills and Abilities

Like the rest of the PUBG Mobile characters, Andy has a unique skill he can take into eligible modes — that’s anything in the EVO section sans TDM.

Andy’s dexterity, picked up through years of fancy fingerwork as a puppeteer, allows him to draw and holster his weapons faster than the competition. Assuming this applies to weapon switching (which is essentially drawing and holstering two weapons) Andy should be able to adapt to a change in range quickly or really amplify the idea that switching weapons is usually faster than reloading. It worked for Keanu Reeves’ character in The Matrix and it’ll work for you and Andy. Maybe.

As you level up Andy all the way to level 10, the speed increase of his unique trait increases, too — from eight percent increased speed all the way to 16%. That’s more than noticeable.

How to level up Andy

Like other PUBG Mobile characters, Andy can be leveled up all the way to 10. Doing so not only increases the bosues of his unique ability, but unlocks a few skins and emotes, too.

To level up Andy, all you need to do is play with the guy. Bring him into battle by equipping him through the Workshop menu and heading into any EVO mode except for TDM. You can also earn EXP towards his level cap by picking up character EXP cards through events or by throwing down some extra cash.

Like the royale pass, you’ll continue to obtain rewards as you gain exp beyond the level cap. They’ll be randomized Andy Supplies crates rather than predetermined rewards, though.

Andy unlocks by level

Here’s what you’ll unlock as Andy levels up toward the cap:

  1. Andy (base level)
  2. Andy Pack (“Good job” or “Help!” voice line)
  3. Skill upgrade (10%)
  4. Andy Pack (“Get in the room” or “I’m out! Need ammo!” voice line
  5. Skill upgrade (12%)
  6. Handstand emote
  7. Skill upgrade (14%)
  8. Masked Comedian Andy (Sliver-Grey) skin
  9. Skill upgrade (16%)
  10. Andy MVP emote

PUBG Mobile Andy free unlocks

How to get Andy for free

Unless you’ve found some dubious way to get free UC in PUBG Mobile you won’t be getting Andy for free. But it’s not all bad news. If you partake the game’s wish to toss a little story into the mix by watching Andy’s puppet show introduction, you’ll be able to claim a few little goodies and tokens whether you own him or not.

Another route to the screen is through the Present button. Tap into the Recommended tab and you should see “Andy’s Puppet Show” on the right.

To grab the goods, all you need to do is tap the Andy banner in the tiny ad carousel on the right of the main menu. You’ll load into the game’s built-in web browser and a video should play.

The onstage puppet tells a quick tale of how Andy’s showbiz career was cut short when his voice was somehow destroyed by an unknown assailant, prompting the magician to get good with a gun and head out for revenge with his new Gotham villain voicebox.


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