How to Unlock All Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise

Every Switch Skill in Monster Hunter can make a difference, so make sure you grab them all!

In Monster Hunter Rise, Switch Skills are a deeply cool and important new feature that every player should get to know well. They function a bit like Hunter Arts and Hunting Styles from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and allow players to customize their combat with any given weapon. There are currently six Switch Skills per weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. That’s 84 total to acquire and master. Though some are a good deal easier to find than others. So we’ve concocted this guide for how to unlock all Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise!

Luckily, the vast majority of Switch Skills are easy to find. The game will start you off with three per weapon — essentially treating them as normal, default moves at the start of the game. Many of these should be familiar to anyone that played Monster Hunter World, too. With the exception of some Silkbind attacks (those abilities tied to Wirebug charges shown at the bottom of your screen), the majority of basic Switch Skills already existed in that previous game! That makes them a good starting point. Especially when the game is so complex.

From there you unlock a set of Switch Skills that you can actually… switch… just by playing through the story. Simply continue through the Village Quests. Eventually an NPC will call you over to explain the new techniques! From then on out you can swap between two different moves at your Item Box.

The second set of Switch Skills is considerably less obvious and far more difficult to unlock. You need to start crafting and upgrading weapons of a certain type. Both options seem to work, so long as you go through the process of spending materials to make a new weapon a certain number of times. “New” in this case just means that it has a different name on the weapon tree — which is why it includes the process of simply upgrading what is technically the same weapon further down a given path.

On the bright side, you’ll get a notification each time you unlock a given Switch Skill for that particular class of weapon. So you shouldn’t accidentally waste resources on upgrades for weapons you don’t need. Not to mention it doesn’t take much crafting to trigger the skill. The downside? You need to repeat this process over and over again. For every. Single. Weapon. In the game. That’s a whole lot of crafting. Especially if you just want to try out a Switch Skill to see if it makes the weapon right for you — and otherwise wouldn’t normally use, say, the Gunlance very much.

Last but not least we come to a series of Gathering Hub quests. The same NPC that gave you your earlier Switch Skills will offer a plethora of High Rank hunts all at once. Each of these has the name of the weapon in the title. Odds are you won’t have trouble discerning which quest unlocks the final Switch Skill for which weapon. Just for posterity, though, here’s a list: including the star rating for reach mission.

  • Learning the Light Bowgun – Four Stars
  • Study the Switch Axe – Four Stars
  • Honing Your Hunting Horn – Four Stars
  • Study the Sword & Shield – Four Stars (note that this is a capture mission; killing your target will fail the quest)
  • Hone Your Heavy Bowgun – Five Stars
  • Charge Blade Coalescing – Five Stars
  • Learn the Lance – Five Stars (note that this is a capture mission; killing your target will fail the quest)
  • Honing Your Hammer – Five Stars
  • Grasp the Great Sword – Five Stars
  • Be One with the Bow – Six Stars
  • Invoke the Insect Glaive – Six Stars
  • Grasp the Gunlance – Six Stars (note that this is a capture mission; killing your target will fail the quest)
  • Dissect the Dual Blades – Six Stars
  • Learn the Long Sword – Six Stars

It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t need to use the listed weapon on any of these missions. You can complete “Honing Your Hammer” with an Insect Glaive, for example. It might even be preferable to use different weapons in some cases, since a few of them are better matchups for certain monsters. The only thing that matters is not killing your targets during the Gunlance, Lance, and Sword & Shield quests. If you need a primer on how to capture, try the training quest “The Basics of Capturing Monsters” at the Village Quest Counter!

That should be everything you need to know to unlock every Switch Skill in Monster Hunter Rise. Best of luck and happy hunting!