How To Tame a Boar in Fortnite – Where to Find Boars

Boars are friends, not food.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Fortnite season, you’re probably confused by this Chapter 2, Season 6, Week 2 epic challenge. Wildlife is a completely new addition and while you can obviously hunt animals for resources like bones and meat, you can also take those materials and craft them into new items or use it to upgrade your weapons. This week’s challenge asks you to do something that’s less intuitive: tame a boar. In this guide we’ll quickly explain how you can tame a boar and where you can find them.

How to Tame a Boar in Fortnite

You can’t just walk up and tame the boar without some resources so try and land at a place with forgeable food like corn, cabbage, or apples. Try landing at or just north of Colossal Crops or the Weeping Woods. There’s bound to be a few goodies around for you to find.

Once you have those, the next step is to find a boar. Keep in mind that wildlife only spawns in the regular battle royale game modes. You can not complete this challenge in an LTM like Team Rumble.

After you’ve found a boar, get close to it, but don’t scare it off and certainly don’t shoot it. Drop your vegetables on the ground to lure it closer. You may need to put down a handful to keep it satisfied for long enough. While it’s eating the food you can interact with it which does take some time. Try not to move or let it get too far away from you. You’ll only be frustrated if the boar eats all your food before you can successfully tame it.

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Where to Find Boars

As it stands, wildlife spawns appear to be entirely random. They obviously don’t spawn in cities, but can spawn just about anywhere else. I’ve found lots of boars around the fall areas of the map which radiate out from The Spire.

Ultimately, this is one challenge that involves a decent amount of luck. At the very least there are some guaranteed food spawns around the map which make things a little easier. Expect them to be highly contested this week however, as you’re probably not the only person trying to complete this challenge.


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