How to Sit in No Man’s Sky Beyond

Thank u, NEXT

Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games parted the curtain on the incredibly ambitious, expansive new No Man’s Sky release, Beyond. You can play Beyond right now for free if you already have No Man’s Sky. There are many new impressive systems and features in Beyond, but the most complex and requested feature is, of course, sitting in chairs. We have put together a guide for this new feature so you can start giving your intergalactic explorer a little rest in between mining sessions.

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When to sit in No Man’s Sky Beyond

The loop of No Man’s Sky Beyond is similar to Next and previous iterations of the game. Your character can mine materials, build bases, explore planets, observe local flora and fauna, get into space battles, and build technology for your ship. These systems have all been greatly expanded in Beyond. Can you image how much work exploring the known universe is? Even with the incredibly cushy ships and armadas you can command, this is busy work!

Before the Beyond expansion, there was no way to rest your caboose on the soft padding of space chairs. You couldn’t strut up to a table with grumpy alien merchants and get on their level. You couldn’t walk into a Galactic Ashley Furniture and try the merchandise before buying a sofa set for your apartment.

These shortcomings (and more) have been assertively addressed in No Man’s Sky Beyond. So when should you sit? Anytime your little space pal looks like he could use a break!

How to sit in No Man’s Sky Beyond

To sit on a chair in No Man’s Sky Beyond, simply approach a chair and wait for the interaction prompt to show up on the screen.

To sit, interact with a chair

  • Press E on PC keyboard
  • Press Square on PS4 controller
  • Press X on Xbox Controller

And that’s it! With that simple motion, you’ll be sitting in no time! Let your space bud chill out and play some Mario.