PUBG Mobile Gifts Guide – How to Send Gifts to Friends

It's always the season of giving!

PUBG Mobile is a social game. It makes every effort to grow communities within communities; from handing out monetary rewards and temporary skins to practically forcing co-op play through its battle pass. One way it fosters friendships is by allowing battle buddies to send each other gifts – but it doesn’t communicate how to do this well. Let’s go over how to send gifts in PUBG Mobile and what kind of gifts you can give.

Gift Types in PUBG Mobile – What Can You Gift?

In PUBG Mobile, you have the option to send either cash or skins to your friends, but you can’t do both from the same screen. The current system allows players to send any of the game’s various currencies to somebody else, but in an effort to avoid scams or rigorous real money trading (RMT) practices, it imposes daily limits to the number of funds that can be sent to the same friend on any given day. You can’t even gift exact amounts.

On another page, players are free to gift character and weapon skins to anyone on their friend list – though some items are exempt from the system.

Most items bought from outside of loot boxes can be gifted this way, and the game does indicate which can be gifted at the time of purchase, but it’s good to know that not everything you buy can be shipped off to a friend. You can only do so at the time of purchase, too, so you can’t offload something you don’t like later down the line.

How to give gifts in PUBG Mobile

How to Send Gifts in PUBG Mobile

There are two ways to send gifts to friends in PUBG Mobile, but you wouldn’t know how to just by looking at the main menu. Like any F2P mobile game these days, the main menu is filled to the brim with sub-menus, buttons, and even advertisements.

It’s easy to get lost on this screen and even easier to not even know where to start. Sending gifts is a two-part process that depends entirely on what it is you want to send, so where you go depends on what it is you want to gift.

How to Send Currency to Friends in PUBG Mobile

If a friend is short on funds to buy something they really want, or you just want to surprise them with UC or any excess Silver/BP you have on hand for an occasion, you’ll want to open up the Friend List. To do this, just tap the small arrow on the left side of the main screen where you see profile pictures going down the screen.

From here, tap on the friend you want to send a gift to and hit the “Send a Gift” button just below their banner. You should see a bunch of stickers ranging from chicken to airplane graphics. Each of these will send a different type of currency to the target recipient be it BP, Silver, or various amounts of UC (10, 100, 1000).

Each option even awards a certain amount of synergy between you and the recipient, so it’s a good way to build this up without directly playing together.

How to gift skins in PUBG Mobile

How to Gift Skins in PUBG Mobile

To send skins and other cosmetic goodies to your pals, all you need to do is look out for a little present icon when you go to buy the item in question. We can’t really explain why, but not every skin can be gifted, so look out for the icon before you pick up any extra cash you need to buy the item.

If we use the shop as an example, all you need to do is tap into the menu, find the skin you want to send, and look for the present icon to the left of the purchase button. If it’s there, tap the present, select the time limit of the item, pick the friend you want to send it to on the right of the screen, and hit the small “Give” button by their profile picture.

You can’t send crates to your friends – only complete items. And to prevent issues with farm bots and other illicit activities, both the sender and receiver need to be at least level three, have been on each other’s friend list for 24 hours, and have 20 synergies together. You can earn synergy by sending currencies and playing together.


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