How to Record & Stream PUBG Mobile on Android, iOS, and PC

One more content creator can't hurt, right?

Fire up YouTube or Facebook Gaming right now and chances are you’ll see PUBG Mobile featured on the front page. While it certainly doesn’t garner the chatter in the west of something like Fortnite, Tencent’s mobile battle royale is one of the most popular games on the planet. And if people want to play it, others want to watch it. If you want to share your own skills with the world or, on the flip-side, show the pros what it’s like to climb the world stage, here’s how to record PUBG Mobile gameplay for YouTube, Twitch, or wherever else you want to make your debut as a content creator or streamer.

Capturing PUBG Mobile gameplay can mean one of two things these days; streaming your screen to live video services like Facebook Gaming, Twitch, or YouTube, or collecting footage to use in gameplay montages, match analysis, or other video ideas. If you’re looking for an audience, start brainstorming ideas now. Uploading match after match with zero added value (like commentary) isn’t going to fly.

How to record video Gameloop

How to Record PUBG Mobile gameplay


If you’re playing on an emulator like GameLoop, which you can read all about here, you can simply click the Record button on the right toolbar and go from there. With the footage saved to your PC, it’s a simple matter of using video editing software like Vegas or Premiere to put your video together, exporting it, and uploading it to your YouTube channel.

Whether streaming or recording, if commentary is your objective, grab a voice recording program like Audacity and toss the resulting audio into your video editing software. You can even use it to record your team comms if you’re using an outside program like Discord in a squad game.

How to record gameplay on iOS and iPhone


On Apple devices, video capture is as easy as sliding the Notifications shade down and hitting the Record button found there. Play your game and tap it again when you’re done recording, and you’ll have a video file ready to toss straight into video editing software like Final Cut on a Mac or similar software on your iPhone or iPad. Record some commentary on your device with the built-in Voice Recorder app during or after the session, and you’ve got yourself practically everything you need for a proper upload. Easy.

If you’re having trouble finding this exact icon, chances are you’ll need to go into your Control Center settings screen to enable it. It should fall under the Screen Recording tab if you do. For iPad users, Control Center is found by swiping down on the top-right of the screen.

How to record gameplay on Android


Sadly, the open architecture of Android means capturing video and audio isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. In fact, until Android 11 came about, which plenty of phones still don’t have, you couldn’t even capture internal audio, meaning every in-game sound would be recorded through your microphone—and PUBG Mobile players know just how bad phone mics can sound. If you’re lucky enough to have an Android 11 device, though, expect some crystal clear audio in your gameplay videos.

How you get said footage is another question. Because device manufacturers have free reign over the Android features they keep, remove, or tweak in their respective OS skins, the method of capturing footage can differ widely across phones. Most big-brand devices like Samsung and OnePlus, or even some lesser-known brands like Vivo, include their own Screen Record toggle in the Notifications shade. The name and implementation may differ across handsets, but if your device supports screen recording by default, this is where you’ll find the option to enable it.

For other brand phones or those on older versions of Android, if you’re unable to use the build-in recorder through the Google Play Games app, you may have to rely on external apps like AZ Screen Recorder. These can come with their own limitations and costs, but for quick and easy footage capture, they’re certainly better than nothing. As always, toss the resulting audio and video into your video editing software of choice.

How to stream PUBG Mobile

How to Stream PUBG Mobile Gameplay

To stream directly from your device, the Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Omlet Arcade apps all have the ability to grab video straight from your phone. Just give them permission to record mic audio and overlay on top of your game, and you’re good to go. If you’re playing on PC through an emulator, you’ll want to set up a program like OBS or Streamlabs to capture the window you’re playing in. If you’re just looking to stream to your friends over Discord, the desktop app can do that, too.

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