How to Reach the Training Room in Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise Training Room is as essential a tool as any weapon. Now that the game has finally released, so it’s time to pick up your favorite gear, don some absolutely marvelous-looking armor, and start slaying some giant beasts. Similar to previous Monster Hunter titles, players will get to design their own hunter which is tasked with bringing down large creatures to forge better gear. But there are a lot of weapons in Rise. Fourteen in total to be exact. Which can make hopping into this game more than a little overwhelming. With every weapon functioning completely differently than the next, you’ll want to get a good feel for them before you go on a hunt. Similar to Monster Hunter World before it, Rise features a robust training area where you can practice. Here’s where to find it and what you can do in this location.

Monster Hunter Rise Training Room

How to Reach the Training Room

You can access the Training Room via the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village. If you’re not sure what that is, one useful Monster Hunter Rise tip is that you can fast travel at any time while at headquarters. Next, from the Item Box, turn left and head towards the cave across the suspension bridge. If this is your first time entering the plaza you’ll be given a brief introduction to every vendor. Once this is done, head towards the small boat (shown above) in the bottom right corner. You will be given a prompt to Move to press A. This will transport you to the Training Room which has a number of useful features for both veteran and new users.

The first, most obvious one is a basic combo list that outlines your bread and butter attacks for each weapon —right there on the screen. This is a terrific way to get a general sense of how this weapon functions and the possible combos you can perform. In the room, your main target is a giant wooden monster which is great for getting a nice sense for slightly more aerial weapons like the Insect Glaive. Along with seeing damage numbers, there are also moving targets on the right side. If you’re someone who wants to use Bow, Heavy Bowgun, or Light Bowgun this is great for getting down the cadence and lead time for their projectiles.

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If you want to change your weapons at any time, there is an Item Box by the entrance and adjacent to the Quest Board. Just open up the box and select Manage Equipment. Now go to Change Equipment and then you can swap out your weapons at the top of the list. Monster Hunter Rise will give you a base version of every weapon archetype in the game, which is perfect for testing everything available. I strongly encourage you to spend a little time on each weapon if you are unsure of what you want to use. Hunts can be pretty tough for newbies so you’ll want to have at least a functional understanding of how your weapon works, along with some basic moves.

For those wanting to leave the Training Room, you can either head towards the dock near the Item Box or just leave via starting a Quest on the Quest Board.