How to Play PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn This Year (You Deserve It)

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Far too long ago now, PUBG Mobile did away with one of its most unique modes: Survive Till Dawn. It was a zombie survival mode featuring swarms of the undead attempting to overwhelm you and your team. It was also a blast. But with Tencent adding a new EvoGround mode with virtually every update, the team decided to start swapping things out (either in an effort to keep queue times down for the sake of content, or to force us into new things nobody asked for). But what if you could experience it again just in time for Halloween? On Android, at least. Here’s how you can!

In place of the zombie survival mode this year we have the return of Infection mode — the one that originally replaced it. It’s certainly a welcome break from nonstop Battle Royales, but it’s also very much a PvP experience as opposed to Survive Till Dawn’s frantic PvPvE gameplay. While some are just happy to have something back with zombies tossed in for the month of scares, others wonder why one of the game’s most beloved modes hasn’t been brought back. Except that it has been. In PUBG Mobile Lite, anyway.

Survive Till Dawn

How to Install PUBG Mobile Lite and Play Survive Till Dawn

PUBG Mobile Lite launched last year as a standalone title designed for low-spec smartphones in countries where high-spec handset adoption was low. Even today, a whole year after the fact, the game’s Twitter page has a pinned tweet saying, and I quote, “PUBG Mobile Lite is releasing in more countries every day!” There are only 195 countries in the world and the US and UK can’t play, something doesn’t add up. But there is a pretty easy way around it. Follow these steps and you’ll be playing Survive Till Dawn just in time for Halloween.

You can find PUBG Mobile Lite easy enough through the Google Play Games store. But if you’re in an unsupported country, the download button won’t show up on grounds that your connected devices are all incompatible – which clearly doesn’t make sense for a game designed to run on practically every smart device out there by design.

Thankfully, Tencent seemingly doesn’t take this limitation too seriously – or perhaps it’s for those running devices that have stripped access to Google’s services. Either way, hop onto the PUBG Mobile Lite website and you’ll be able to download the APK right there on the home screen. Allow third-party app installs through your device’s settings, grab the file, and install it. Congratulations, you’re (almost) in.

How to play PUBG Mobile Lite

But there’s one last barrier. If you make an account and log in, and you’ll get told the server is simply “busy,” alongside the tell-all error code “restrict-area.” PUBG Mobile Lite uses a geographical IP blocking protocol that bars access to the game’s servers if you’re currently outside a supported region. It’s something a quick VPN connection can circumvent with ease, however.

Most VPNs charge a monthly fee to use, but there are those that give a generous data allowance for free — albeit with a smaller selection of virtual servers. Search around and you’ll find them. Or use a paid service if you don’t mind. Once you locate a service you like, however, download its Android app to your device and use it to connect to a proxy server located in one of the supported countries. Turkey works well if you’re in Europe, but a South American server for US players is best. Choosing whichever is closest to your own geographical location will typically net lower in-game latency.

Now that you’re in, all you need to do is play a few Arena or Classic matches. The reason? Survive Till Dawn is locked until you hit account level 10, so you’ll need to play some other matches to get there. A single Team Deathmatch run can get you to level four, so it shouldn’t take long at all to unlock what you followed these instructions to reach.

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