How to Make Money in Monster Hunter Rise – Money Farm Guide

Making lots of money (a.k.a. zenny) in Monster Hunter Rise is tough, but you can make it easier with some tips.

Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t have a lot of ways to farm Zenny (i.e. farm money) at launch. But you can make things easier on yourself in a couple key ways! From selling the right items to fighting the right enemies, there are several great ways to speed up the grind. Let’s take a look at how with our money farming guide to Monster Hunter Rise.

At the moment, one decent way to make money in Monster Hunter Rise is by gathering. There’s zero penalty for carting (i.e. dying) on Expedition Tours. That gives you all the time and safety in the world to zip around, say, the Shrine Ruins, hoovering up bones and ore to your heart’s content. And it’s a faster system than ever in Monster Hunter Rise — where interacting with a gathering node just one time gives you three items. Then sell the surplus back at the market. The return on your time investment is pretty great.

Check the expedition details for the tag “Upsurge: Mining Outcrops” before you go. This will give you more materials per gathering attempt. The best place to check is the Lava Caverns. This has the largest number of mining outcrops in the game (at launch). So it’s easy to run through it and gather away.

Circling back to the Shrine Ruins: this is a great backup plan. The reason being the Gargwa right at the front of your main camp. Gargwa (the plump, dodo-like birds that wander certain areas) lay eggs. You’ll learn this during certain egg harvesting missions or subquests. What you might not realize right away is how the eggs drop. You don’t actually have the kill the chubby chickens! Just spooking them with a single, quick swipe of your weapon is enough. Riding on the back of a Palamute and attacking with your kunai is great for this.

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Scaring a Gargwa has a solid chance to make it drop an egg on the ground — similar to large monsters when they flinch or fight in Turf Wars. Make sure to pick these up at least once. If it’s a normal egg, it’s not that useful outside of some specific quests. If it’s a golden egg, however, returning it to your Item Box at camp will award you with that same item to sell. Just go to the market, select the sell function, and sort the stuff in your Item Box.

Every trade-in item (junk items meant only to be sold for zenny) will be nestled between your Rampage Tickets and buddy gear scraps. If you’ve completed any Arena Quests, they will instead be located between your arena coins and the scraps. Golden Eggs are worth a whopping 20,000 zenny apiece. There are lower quality drops you can sell as well, however.

The downside is that hauling eggs has always been a pain in Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter Rise takes out a bit of the sting with the Wirebug. You still move slower with an egg in hand. Not to mention getting startled by a monster, completely running out of stamina, or falling from a great height will destroy the item. But all of this can be mitigated by zipping around. Even falling off high ledges is safe so long as you use the Wirebug to zip just short of hitting the ground.

For this reason, I recommend three levels of the Wirebug Whisperer skill. It’s great in combat and even better for helping you move through areas when the Palamute isn’t an option (sadly, you can’t ride your dog when transporting eggs). You can craft the Wirebug Jewel 2 back at Kamura Village to fill out the armor ability.

Since Gargwa spawn right in front of your base camp in the Shrine Ruins, you can repeatedly start and stop Expedition Tours here for Golden Eggs at your leisure. Make sure to stack this with any “Transport Item” optional subquests if they pop up! That will award even more eggs to sell. Not to mention repeatedly returning from your mission will build up the Cohoot nest back at HQ.

In case you missed this tip, I’m referring to the one in your Buddy Plaza. The big tree at the back of the area has what you need. Walk around behind it to find a set of vines leading up into the canopy. There’s a Cohoot here harvesting useful items — including eggs — as you go on hunts. The quality of items seems to improve after about three or so hunts, too. Wait that long before you return and you’ll sometimes receive Steel Eggs (1,000 zenny) and Silver Eggs (10,000 zenny) to sell at the market over time. Don’t forget to check with Rondine while you’re here; her Rare Finds will include some extremely useful items as well. Including trade-in items you can buy for points and sell for even more zenny.

This is the best way to make money we’ve found in Monster Hunter Rise at the moment. Mix it together with some ore and bones harvesting and your zenny farm will be up and running in no time. Happy hunting!