How to Level Up the Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile

A rewarding experience

Grab your Wingman, dust off your Jump Pads, and get ready to pass Jumpmaster to someone else because Apex Legends Mobile is here. Acting as a standalone experience from the PC/console version, Apex Legends Mobile seeks to take the fast-paced gameplay and let you experience it on the go. While some aspects of the mobile version are quite different, there are some similarities that veteran Apex Legends players will recognize. One of these is the battle pass and how players go about leveling it up.

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Pass

What is the Battle Pass?

Similar to the PC/console version of Apex Legends, players will be able to purchase and unlock rewards in a new battle pass. Broken up across two reward tracks, the top is completely free to anyone playing the game at any skill level. While the rewards for this won’t be exciting, you’ll still get some free cosmetics for grinding out battle pass tiers. The bottom row is the premium tier for those willing to spend a bit of real-world money and can only be unlocked by spending Apex Coins.

Regardless of what path you go down, you will earn different cosmetic rewards or materials every time you level up. Once you unlock some rewards, they won’t be instantly rewarded. Instead, you will need to open up the battle pass in the Main Menu and then select the “Claim All” tab in the bottom right corner. Doing so will give you all the rewards for the battle pass tiers you’ve reached.

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Pass

How to Level Up the Battle Pass

To level up your battle pass you will need to complete Weekly Battle Pass challenges to earn experience. Every challenge rewards XP and it takes 50,000 experience to unlock a battle pass tier. There are 12 challenges unlocked each week, all of which will reward between 10,000 to 30,000 experience apiece. Their difficulty ranges from simply dealing damage with a specific legend or weapon archetype to more complex challenges like knocking down enemies with your Tactical Ability. You can complete any number of challenges at once and even select one to “Track” so you can follow your progress.

Just like the battle pass tiers, you will need to manually claim completed challenges to earn the experience. This is done by going to the Weekly Battle Pass challenges menu and then tapping the “Claim All” tab in the bottom right corner. If a challenge is too difficult for you, it’s possible to bypass it completely by using Task Cards. These items are given out at specific battle pass levels and can be spent to automatically complete a challenge regardless of how much progress you’ve made towards it. This can be super useful for finishing some of Apex Legends Mobile’s tougher challenges.

Alternatively, you can just spend 120 Apex Coins to purchase a single battle pass level. This is not ideal since you’ll need to spend money, so I don’t recommend this unless you have a lot of extra cash or simply don’t want to worry about the challenges at all. At the time of writing this, there are no other ways to unlock battle pass levels.