How to Get Tony Perez in MLB the Show 22 Big Dog Program

Leader of the pack.

“The Big Dog” Tony Perez was a key piece of a true baseball dynasty as part of the Big Red Machine, the seemingly unstoppable Reds of the 1970’s. Now this human RBI generator can be part of your Diamond Dynasty in MLB the Show 22 team as the pinnacle reward of the Big Dog Program. This guide will show you exactly how to get him.

The Big Dog Program gives you an opportunity to add Tony Perez and some other very solid players to your Diamond Dynasty lineup. To get started head to the Play section of the Diamond Dynasty hub in The Show 22. Select Other Programs, then Big Dog Program.

Your goal is to complete every Big Dog Task, earning 100 stars to unlock a series of rewards up to, and including, Tony Perez. This challenge features a list of Big Dog players, which are awarded in three sets.

All Big Dog Players in MLB the Show 22

Set 1 (Earned at 50 stars)

  • 90 OVR Anthony Volpe
  • 91 OVR Corey Kluber
  • 91 OVR Todd Helton
  • 87 OVR Jack Leiter
  • 86 OVR Curtis Granderson
  • 86 OVR Pablo Sandoval
  • 85 OVR Adam Ottavino
  • 86 OVR Jordan Walker

Set 2 (Earned at 70 stars)

  • 90 OVR Bobby Witt Jr
  • 90 OVR John Franco
  • 92 OVR Adam Dunn
  • 87 OVR Triston Casas
  • 87 OVR Huston Street
  • 87 OVR Orestes Minoso
  • 87 OVR Steve Finley
  • 87 OVR Noelvi Marte

Set 3 (Earned at 85 stars)

  • 92 OVR David Price
  • 91 OVR Christian Yelich
  • 90 OVR Gabriel Moreno
  • 88 OVR Nelson Cruz
  • 88 OVR Oneil Cruz
  • 88 OVR Lefty Grove
  • 88 OVR Brian Roberts
  • 88 OVR Francisco Alvarez

First up are the Moments. These 14 challenges put you in the cleats of one of the designated Big Dog players with the objective to recreate a key performance from their past. This includes hitting a home run as Adam Dunn and striking out six batters in two innings as Corey Cluber. Each moment you complete will award you stars, with 50 total available for all of the Moments.

Next, work on the Parallel XP Missions. These are simple and straightforward; earn XP with one of the designated Big Dog players. It’s up to you to acquire these players, if you earned the 50 stars from the Moments you will have at least one on your roster. The rest can be bought on the Marketplace, or earned in other activities.

Once you have some Big Dog Players it’s time to start playing games. These can be against the CPU in one of the various single player modes or online against other people. The better your players perform, the more XP they bring home. You will need to gain 2,000 total Parallel XP with your Big Dogs to gather all of the stars, with small numbers handed out at regular increments as you work your way to this.

Finally, it’s time for the Big Dog Showdown. In it, you draft a squad of Big Dog players and use them to take on three mini-boss pitchers. You will have three randomized tasks to complete in these matches, before entering your final showdown against John Franco, legendary closer from the Reds and Mets. Defeat him to earn the final 20 stars and in turn, earn the Big Dog himself, Tony Perez, for your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Earning Tony Perez takes a bit of work, but adding the Big Dog and all the rewards along the way, is well worth it. Just focus on one task at a time, and know that you can repeat attempts to clear objectives as necessary. You have to play to win in Diamond Dynasty, so get out there, and play ball.