How to Get Thunderlord in Destiny 2 – The Lost Cryptarch Quest

The Thunderlord exotic LMG is one of the most infamous weapons in the Destiny franchise. It came back prior to the launch of The Black Armory as part of a limited time quest. After that expansion hit the servers, the mission went away and Thunderlord became yet another random exotic drop.

To celebrate Arc Week, however, Bungie is bringing back the quest! Make sure to log in between between April 9 and April 23 to get your hands on one of the best power weapons in the game!


How to Get Thunderlord

1. Talk to Amanda Holliday

Go talk to Amanda Holliday and she’ll get you started on the quest. She hands over the Journal of the Reef Cryptarch which is missing some pages.

2. Acquire Journal Pages

You’ll need to gather ten journal pages to complete the book. These can be dropped by engrams decrypted by Master Rahool or by killing Fallen in the EDZ.

Amanda Holiday gave you the journal of the Master Ives, but it’s empty. The lost pages are found scattered across the decryption algorithms of Legendary and Exotic engrams, and in the possession of challenging Fallen enemies in the EDZ.

3. Journal Encryption Cracked

Time to play the waiting game. Holliday will need some time to figure out the journal and reveal its inner secrets. She’ll provide the next steps when she’s ready. It’ll probably be at least a week until we get more details.

You’ve recovered all the pages of Ives’s journal, but the unique encryption on each page is uncrackable by conventional means. Amanda Holliday is reaching out to her network of associates and will contact you when she has any new developments.

4. Complete Lost Sectors on EDZ

Thunderlord EDZ Lost Sector Map

The Journal now says we have to go to the European Dead Zone (EDZ) to search through some Lost Sectors in Trostland. You’ll need to complete Atrium, Terminus East, and Widow’s Walk.

Remember to kill both the boss and loot the chest to get credit!

Amanda won’t reveal her source, but her efforts have paid off. The journal of Master Ives is decrypted and points to a new lead: the Fallen. Travel to the European Dead one, and scour Lost Sectors in Trostland for clues.

Afterward, the journal will send you to the Outskirts and the Whispered Falls Lost Sector. Complete this fourth sector and you’ll have completed this week’s steps!

4. Avenge Master Ives

Talk to Amanda Holiday! She’ll send you back to the Whispered Falls Lost Sector which contains a teleporter to the Cosmodrome!

You’ll need to fight your way through the Cosmodrome to the Rixis, Devil Archon’s old lair where Kikliss, Murderer awaits.

Visit Holliday one last time and she’ll give you an Exotic engram that contains Thunderlord!

You’ve done it!

As a reminder, this quest will disappear after April 23! Miss it and you’ll have to earn Thunderlord the old fashioned way and simply hope it drops in an exotic engram!