How to Get The Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is here and we’re heading back to The Dreaming City. Acting as a prologue to The Witch Queen expansion, this season revolves around freeing Savathun from her worm god to save Osiris from her clutches. Along with a new seasonal activity, players can also obtain new armor, weapons, exotics, and in-game consumables. Similar to previous seasons, a new exotic weapon catalyst is available for players to hunt down and use. This season is Traveler’s Chosen, which makes this already especially effective PVE weapon even deadlier when built around it.

Here’s how to earn the Traveler’s Chosen catalyst, what it does, and how to complete it as quickly as possible:

How to Get the Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst

You can earn the Traveler’s Chosen catalyst as a random reward at the end of Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches. It’s never guaranteed, however, if you’ve been keeping up on acquiring catalysts in playlist activities then it should only take around 3-4 of any activity before it drops. Keep in mind, you need to actually own the weapon itself to cause the catalyst to drop.

How to Complete the Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst

Now that you have the catalyst, you will need to kill 700 enemies with this sidearm. There are a lot of places you can complete this catalyst, but the best by far is the Shadow Thrall hallway in The Shattered Throne dungeon. Available about halfway into the dungeon, this location spawns an endless amount of Shadow Thrall which can easily be dispatched. Because of the new primary infinite ammo addition, you can literally just stand in one place as lines of enemies run at you. It took me less than 30 minutes to finish my catalyst by just hanging around the hallway with Traveler’s Chosen.

If you are unable to reach this location then activities like the Blind Well and Altars of Sorrow are terrific alternatives. The latter absolutely throws weak Hive enemies at you, making it easy to complete this catalyst. You can also go to the Kingship Dock Lost Sector in The Tangled Shore and keep repeating it. This is an extremely short Lost Sector that’s packed with enemies you can swiftly go through in less than a couple of minutes.

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What the Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst Does

Once fully upgraded, the Traveler’s Chosen catalyst will not only allow you to track kills but add two more perks to this gun. The first is Full-Auto, which causes the weapon to fire as fast as possible whenever you hold down the trigger. Additionally, the Traveler’s Chosen will obtain the Osmosis perk, which changes its weapon type damage based on what kind of grenade you throw. This means, when combined with an exotic like Verity’s Brow or Nothing Manacles, you can effectively have infinite grenades to throw. It’s an especially deadly combo that is terrific for casual play and even some endgame content.


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