How to Get Heir Apparent – Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2021 is here, so it’s time to prove which class has a higher tolerance for grinding. With Titans prevailing last year, Hunters and Warlocks are looking to knock these punch-happy Guardians off the podium. For those who missed the event (or just didn’t feel like grinding medals) the Heir Apparent exotic machine gun has returned. Originally only available during last year’s Guardian Games, the Heir Apparently was briefly purchasable through the exotic archives. Unfortunately, this was a bug, and those who didn’t buy it had to wait until today. Now, players can complete a brief quest to obtain this gun and even hunt down its exotic catalyst.

How to Get Heir Apparent

To start this quest, visit Zavala in the Tower and then go speak to Eva by the Guardian Games podium. She will give you a small quest that tasks you with earning 100 Laurels. Once you’ve finished this step, return to her, purchase a Contender Card, and you will be offered the exotic quest for Heir Apparent.

1. Earn 50 Laurels

For your first step, you’ll need to earn 50 Laurels while playing in Guardian Games. Laurels are colored motes tied to your class and are generated by getting kills with grenades, fully charged melee attacks, and Supers. The only exception to this rule is if you’re playing Gambit or Crucible, as a fixed amount of Laurels are rewarded at the end. Additionally, players can earn additional Laurels by playing in the Daily Focus playlist and completing Weekly Bounties handed out by Eva. Remember, you need to be wearing your Guardian Games 2021 Class Item to generate Laurels. If you aren’t rocking this, then you won’t make any during the event.

2. Defeat 100 Combatants With a Machine Gun

The second step requires you to kill 100 combatants with any machine gun in the Daily Focus playlist. This is a rotating playlist that will cycle through the core activities and is exclusive to Guardian Games. Because of this, there’s nowhere you can really go to farm this section. Instead, I recommend waiting until Strikes are tied to the Daily Focus playlist, as this is far and away the easiest way to quickly amass 100 kills. Even though Guardians will count more towards your progress, you’ll still be fighting people for the Heavy ammo in Crucible and Gambit. It’s much easier to just go through a Strike instead.

Some machine guns I recommend for this part are Commemoration, Thunderlord, and The Swarm. Additionally, make sure to hang onto any Gold or Platinum Medals you amass during your grind. Turning these in when you have Heir Apparent will give you a chance at earning the catalyst. With the catalyst, Heir Apparent will gain a stronger Arc shield and will partially refill the magazine whenever that barrier is broken. This won’t make it a superb endgame weapon, but it’s still nice to have if machine guns ever get a PVE boost.


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  1. In the second quest, kill 100 comb with MG , doesn’t count .. I kill many combatans in any nightfall and vanguard strikes why? Can u explain? Pls help

    1. It has to be in the Daily Focus playlist which you can find via the Tower Destination map. Going to the regular Vanguard strike playlist won’t count.

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