How to Find and Use the PUBG Mobile Lightweight Installation Feature

Lightweight installation is exactly what is sounds like, and might be useful to a lot of PUBG Mobile players!

Games are getting bigger. That includes mobile ones. We’ve come a long way from titles like Tap Tap Revolution and simple ball mazes that take up just a few megabytes of space. Through new maps, weapons, and high-quality sound effects, a game like PUBG Mobile can easily eat up 6GB of space on your phone. For the average consumer running a 200-300 dollar handset from a few years ago, space is a commodity they just don’t have, and having a data plan to allow for streaming to save that space usually means having the budget to own a top-tier device with plenty of on-board storage anyway. Ironically, a 600MB PUBG Mobile update is about to change things for the better.

With PUBG Mobile 1.1 and the start of Season 16, the install size of the game is shrinking from 1.9GB on the Google Play Store to just 600MB. But before you start thinking of all the songs, videos, photos, or other games you can slide into that saved space, it’s important to understand what it means. At 610MB, you’ll have the most barebones experience imaginable. Not only will sound effects be watered down to a point where they might actually hamper your ability to play competitively, but you’ll also only have one map available to you. Instead, you’ll have the ability to build your own personalized PUBG Mobile client.

Where to Find the Lightweight Installation Feature

Once the update goes live, you should be prompted to download about 610MB when you launch the game. What this seems to be is a switch-over to the condensed client. It’ll automatically reinstall any other content you had prior to the patch, bumping your client back up to the same size as before, but it’s necessary to allow you to delete things through the new system. With the update done, you’re free to delete and re-download any individual resources, map, and modes you want. You just have to dig through the settings to find the feature.

Tap into Settings, then scroll down to the bottom of the tab list on the right side. Hit “Download” and you’ll arrive on the new data management screen. From here, you can download and delete practically whatever you want, though you’ll only be able to delete a fully-installed item. If a download is incomplete, the trash can icon won’t show up.

PUBG Mobile Lightweight Installation options

Which Maps and Resources to Delete

The Vintage and Classic resource packs contain content that hasn’t been used in the game for at least the last 6 months, so you can save almost 2GB of data by removing those alone. The smallest, the Excitement Resource Pack, contains the newest assets from the last two game versions, so you’ll probably want that. Slide over to the maps tab and you’ll be able to download or delete maps from Classic, Arcade, and Arena modes.

If you’re an Erangel-only player, you can save a few hundred megabytes of storage by stripping every other map from your client. It’s important to note that the space a map takes up isn’t the size of the download, though. Once it’s unpacked and installed, a remastered map like Miramar can go from a 78MB download to taking up almost 300MB.

Lastly, there’s the Separate Resource tab. As of right now, it’s only 80MB total, but it includes HD Icons and voice lines you’ll probably want on hand for Squad matches. If you’re running in low-resolutions, HD icons won’t mean much and can save you 50MB, but the Voice Pack is likely something you’ll miss when it’s gone. For only 25MB, there’s a lot to gain from it.

PUBG Mobile Smart Suggestion

How to Use the Smart Suggestion Feature

If you’re not sure what you want or need to delete, tap the Delete icon in the bottom left while on the Download screen. This is the game’s new apparent “smart suggestion” feature. What it does is scan your game and alert you to any rarely used maps and modes, so you can remove anything you haven’t played in a while. It’s not great, though. Similar to the suggestion system built into Android itself, it can suggest content you’ve literally used today, so it’s best to check the list it populates before agreeing to delete the lot. Just use it as a guideline and cherry-pick the results.