How to Farm Watts and What to Spend Them On – Pokemon Sword and Shield Watts Guide

For the series’ Switch debut, Pokemon Sword and Shield has introduced introduced a number of new features that shake up the standard standard formula in interesting ways. The most notable addition is definitely the Wild Area. It’s an enormous open-ended wilderness where many species of Pokemon wander the fields. But it’s not just for filling out your Pokedex. The Wild Area also includes Watts, a new type of currency that can only be spent there. In this guide, we’ll run down the best way to farm Watts, and what you can spend them on.

How to Earn Watts in Pokemon Sword and Shield

There are three methods to earning Watts. We’ve listed them below in order of efficiency, from most efficient to least.

Farm the Pokemon Dens

Scattered around the Wild Area are special dens denoted with purple rocks. Here, you can take part in Max Raid battles against Dynamaxed Pokemon. When you examine a glowing den, you’ll gain some Watts. At the start of the game, you’ll only snag around 50 Watts per den. Towards the end game, however, you can get 200 Watts every time you inspect one. Riding your Rotom Bike around the Wild Area examining dens is by far the most effective way to earn Watts.

watts gained from rotom rally

Participate in the Rotom Rally

There’s an NPC in the Wild Area near the Pokemon Nursery who asks if you want to take part in the Rotom Rally. It’s a timed bike race around the Wild Area that offers Watts as a reward. There are several different versions of the Rotom Rally, each with varying lengths. The longer the rally, the better your Watt reward will be. We suggest sticking to the longer races—that is, the 120 and 90-second races. Done well enough, you can snag between 200 and 300 Watts per rally.

Catch Glowing Pokemon

When exploring the various routes and dungeons of the Galar region, there’s a chance you’ll encounter Pokemon with a glowing aura around them. Engaging them in battle and subsequently capturing them will reward you with a small amount of Watts. Since glowing Pokemon aren’t limited to the Wild Area, this is the only method of earning Watts elsewhere.

what to do with watts

What to Spend Your Watts On

Once you’ve earned a good amount of Watts, there are a few important items you’ll want to spend them on. You can find seven Watt Traders in total scattered all over the Wild Area.

Likely, the first thing you’re going to want to purchase is the Rotom Bike upgrades, which let you use the boost function more often. There are three tiers of upgrades, with the Watts cost increasing with each:

  • Upgrade 1 costs 1,000 Watts
  • Upgrade 2 costs 3,000 Watts
  • Upgrade 3 costs 5,000 Watts

It makes the most sense to get these upgrades as early as possible, because being able to boost more often means you can get around the Wild Area quicker, which, in turn, translates to faster Watt farming!

watt trader items

You can also use Watts to buy TRs from the Traders. These technical records are one-time-use items that can teach your Pokemon very powerful moves. The stock Watt Traders carry is randomized each day, though, so you’ll have to check back often to see what they’re offering. The Watt Traders will also let you change the color of your biking uniform. Your options are dependent on the lead Pokemon in your party.

Another thing you can spend your hard-earned Watts on are Wishing Pieces. You can use these items at Pokemon Dens throughout the Wild Area in order to attract Dynamax Pokemon. This is useful for grinding experience and XP candies. You can also earn TMs and TRs from Max Raid battles.

And that’s everything you can do with Watts in Pokemon Sword and Shield. What did you spend your Watts on? Let us know in the comments section below!