How to Enter the Training Grounds – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide

Here's where to find the Training Grounds, a strangely out of the way area, in Fire Emblem!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses quickly drags you to Garreg Mach Monastery. This is where you’ll chill with students and teachers, eat empowering lunches, and level up stats through various activities. All of which require you to explore the Monastery and access its various facilities. One such zone isn’t very intuitive to reach, however. I’m talking of course about the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The important area is sectioned off into its own little corner of the map. There is no indication of how to get there; nor can you fast travel to it until you’ve entered at least once. That’s why I’ve put together this little guide on how to enter the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Let’s take a look and find our way inside!

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You should be able to see the place I’m talking about in the map below. Furthermore, you can access this same full map at any time by pressing the R button on your Nintendo Switch. Pressing the ZR button (a.k.a. the right trigger) several times will also pull up a version of the map that lets you continue to walk around. So if you’re having trouble getting to the general area I’m about to mention, try pulling that up real quick.

And here’s something you probably already noticed about the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They’re not physically connected to the rest of the Monastery. They’re also not on a different floor, like the Library and Infirmary. The whole spot is just kind of… floating out in space on floor one.

I’m not entirely sure why they’re so disconnected from the rest of the map. The other major facilities aren’t! Regardless, you’ll want to enter the Training Grounds for a few key reasons. Several students come here to hang out on your free days — meaning you need to enter to give them gifts and lost items, as well as recruit and borrow them for missions. There’s also an instructor that can raise some of your stats. Finally, you will eventually unlock student tournaments. These are a decent source of weapons and money on your free days.

Where to Find the Training Grounds – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide

In short, you really want to reach the Training Grounds. That’s probably why you’re reading this guide anyway! Don’t fret about finding some secret entrance, though. There’s no real trick to it. The way into the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem: Three Houses just… isn’t very well planned out.

To begin, just head to your Personal Quarters. This is the room you start in during any “Exploration” period. You can also fast travel there from your map. It’s near the very top-left of the Monastery — slightly south of where the Training Grounds supposedly reside.

Now head outside of your personal quarters, like always, and look to your left. See that huge, reinforced gate built into the side of the main building? That’s your target. Run on down the cobblestone road, ignoring the stairs that lead up on your left, and approach the main door. You should see a yellow arrow pop up at first, followed by those two magical words: Training Grounds. Yep! Despite not actually showing any connection on the map, and not being all that close to the Training Grounds themselves, this door is the entrance. It’s weird.

Pressing A next to the yellow arrow will transport you to the place you want to be. You’ll get a short load time (because, again, this area isn’t connected to the main Monastery for reasons that are beyond me), but from that point forward you can just fast travel directly here. And there you go! That’s all there is to accessing the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem: Three Kingdoms. Enjoy your newfound facilities and conversations.


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