How to Earn All the Spartan Showdown Rewards in Fall Guys

Here's how to grab some free cosmetics in Fall Guys' Spartan Showdown event.

Fall Guys has officially gone free-to-play! Along with releasing on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, developer Mediatonic is adding several new game modes and making big changes to the game’s overall structure. While you will still be tumbling, rolling, and falling a lot, Fall Guys has a new reward structure to accommodate its free-to-play release.

To celebrate this change, Fall Guys has released a new Halo-themed event called Spartan Showdown. Along with small twists on existing mini-games, there are a bunch of free rewards that players can earn by just participating in this new show. Here’s how to earn free rewards during the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event:

Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Rewards

How to Earn Spartan Showdown Rewards

If you are looking to snag all the Halo-themed goodies, you will need to earn Spartan Helmets. Essentially, these are points tied to unique challenges that can only be completed in the new Spartan Showdown event. There are a total of 10 challenges, each of which rewards 100 points. It takes a total of 1,000 points to unlock all five rewards, so you’ll definitely want to only play this new mode until you unlock everything.

The challenges are:

  • Play Spartan Showdown once
  • Qualify for 7 Rounds in Spartan Showdown
  • Throw Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown
  • Knock down players with Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown
  • Reach the final round of Spartan Showdown
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Dizzy Heights in Spartan Showdown
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Tip Toe in Spartan Showdown
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Gate Crash in Spartan Showdown
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Big Shots in Spartan Showdown
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Thin Ice in Spartan Showdown

While some of these challenges are remarkably simple, others will require a little bit of work. Blast Balls are timed bombs that explode and send players around them flying. You will find them on every level and can use these items to grief users who are trying to win. Blast Balls are rolled across the ground after you release them and they can only be found in the Spartan Showdown mini-games.

Additionally, you’ll need to locate five Lost Helmets which are hidden throughout each of the mini-games in this event. These are pink Spartan helmets with cat ears. You’ll need to run into them to collect this item and once you grab a Lost Helmet it will automatically complete the challenge. It doesn’t matter if you actually qualify for the round, just make sure to nab that helmet when you see it! The other challenges just revolve around playing the various mini-games or reaching the end of the show. Given Spartan Showdown only consists of three mini-games, it can be completed fairly quickly.

The rewards for the Spartan Showdown include a nickname, 200 Kudos, a nameplate, the AI Construct pattern, and the Purrfect Helmet. For those willing to spend a bit of money, you can nab the Masterchief, Brute Chieftan, and Grunt outfits from the store along with the Grunt Panic emote. This event is currently live on all available platforms so get out there and make Spartan 117 proud!



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