How to Do a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers a variety of new ways for players to filet their friends and foes with the inclusion of flashy finishing moves. These are basically melee attacks, but with added flair. They’re simple enough to pull off, but certainly not easy. What button do you need to press though? If you don’t know, it may take you more than a few tries and who wants to wait for that?

In a post on the Activision blog, Modern Warfare design director, Geoff Smith, explained how complete one of these executions in a multiplayer match. As in previous games, running up behind an opponent and performing a melee attack will take them out. To perform a finishing move, you simply need to hold the melee button, instead of tapping it.

It’s also worth noting that each operator, of which there are 18—nine for the Coalition faction, and nine for the Allegiance faction—each has their own distinct finishing move. Most come with a unique line of dialogue as well.

Modern Warfare All Finishing Moves

YouTuber calloftreyarch uploaded this video showing off each character’s finishing moves. Domino stabs her opponent a bunch of times. Thorne whacks them around brutally with his bully club. Charly combines both, bringing her foe to the ground, then finishing them off with a well-placed stab. 

Otter’s relies the most on brute strength as he uses his club to drive the enemy into the ground. Golem takes foes down quickly with a swift stab to the throat. Wyatt hobbles opponents with a stab to the ankle before killing them off with a throat jab.

Dday cuts his enemy down with a few blows from his tomahawk. Alice takes a page out of Dday’s book, ramming a handaxe between her opponent’s shoulder blades, and gloating as they fall to the ground. Raines also employs a tomahawk, but first kicks them in the back, prompting them to turn around for a face-full of ax.

Minotaur grabs his enemy around the torso, lifts them in the air and hurls them to the ground. Once grounded, they get his heavy boot to the face. Bale headbutts his enemies—a move that would certainly hurt, but which I doubt would actually kill someone. Rodion kicks his foes in the back of the leg, then does some indescribable jujitsu magic to take them down.

Azur hacks his foes to death with a machete before politely requesting they get “out of the way, please.” Grinch throws a hand over his foe’s mouth to silence them, before knifing them in the throat. Zane, like Azur, deals out a quick machete slash, then buries the blade in his opponent’s gut. Yegor brings his opponent down, then uses a curved knife to slit their throat. Krueger wrestles his opponents to the concrete with a few efficient arm motions before bringing out the curved knife to slit their throat. Syd likewise blends martial arts and old-fashioned throat-slitting. Raines, keeping things simple, delivers a half-dozen silent stabs.

Modern Warfare Best Finisher Perks

In order to pull off these finishing moves, it helps to have Solid Snake levels of stealth. If you want to increase your character’s sneak stats, the best perks to equip are Cold Blooded, Ghost and Spotter.

With no perk to silence your footsteps in this Call of Duty, it’s certainly a strenuous task to rack up finishers, especially with your character yelling “Enemy spotted!” right as you get behind them.

For our full rationale for each pick (and the best perks for every kind of build) check out this guide to Modern Warfare’s best perk combinations.