How to Delete a PUBG Mobile Account – A Step-by-Step Guide

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There can be a million different reasons as to why you might want to delete your PUBG Mobile account.  If you notice yourself playing more than you’d like and think your stacked account will tempt you back into playing until the sun rises in the morning, deleting your account might just be your best way to kick the PUBG Mobile habit; at least until you’re in a better place to play.

We’re seeing more and more people ask the question of “how to delete a PUBG Mobile account”. We’re not going to speculate as to why that might be, but we’re happy to help out anyone who needs it.

Deleting a PUBG Mobile account isn’t hard – but the fact people need to search for a how-to so often suggests it’s a harder task than it needs to be. The actual act of deleting a PUBG Mobile account can be done in-game in seconds, but the button to do it is needlessly small.

You’ve probably tapped right by multiple times on your quest to fling your account into the proverbial black hole. Some may call it blessing, while others call it a curse, but even after you tap to delete your PUBG Mobile account, it’ll stay active and playable for the next seven days just in case you change your mind.

How to delete a PUBG Mobile account

How to delete a PUBG Mobile account

So how do you actually delete a PUBG Mobile account, anyway? Let’s walk you through it. Scouring through your phone’s settings to delete any extra files PUBG Mobile has produced or downloaded over time won’t do anything but save you storage space and prompt a hefty download should you try to log back in.

PUBG Mobile accounts aren’t saved on local storage – they’re backed up on a Tencent server somewhere likely for safe-keeping and to thrawt any easy account progression hacks.

To delete your PUBG Mobile account, you need to first fire up the game and log into it. From there, click into the Settings tab by tapping the cog icon in the bottom-right of the home screen. Then, rather than sliding down the menu or tapping onto another, stay on the Basic tab. Look at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a large “Log out” button and the Customer Service icon. Beside those, you should notice an inconspicuous bit of text that reads “Delete Account”.

This is actually a button. If you’re certain you want to delete your PUBG Mobile account, just tap that text, hit confirm, and voila – your PUBG Mobile account will be flagged for deletion.

As explained above, that means you have seven days before it’s actually scrubbed from Tencent’s servers. If you change your mind before then, simply log back in to automatically cancel the process.

To recap, here’s how to delete your PUBG Mobile account;

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile
  2. Log in
  3. Head to “Settings”
  4. Tap “Delete Account” at the bottom of the screen
  5. Don’t log in for seven days

The little seven-day safety net doesn’t just help if you change your mind. It can act as reassurance for those who think they may be prone to hacking. If someone – like a bitter rival – manages to get into your account and attempt to delete it, you have a lengthy seven day period to save it after that.

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  2. Bro now u cant delete pubg account.
    I contacted customer service they told that once account created it cannot be deleted.

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