How to Complete the Torch the Taken Challenge in Destiny 2

Take out the invading Taken for Kindling and an Event Ticket.

If you’ve been running the Solstice Event activity Bonfire Bash this week in Destiny 2, you might have noticed a challenge called Torch the Taken. It tells you to “defeat Taken in the Bonfire Bash.” Simple enough, right? And yet, destroying the garden variety Taken enemies that spawn at the beginning of the activity, or even the boss that appears at the end, won’t progress the challenge. So how do you complete it?

Well, you have to go for specific Taken. The only ones that seem to count towards the Torch the Taken challenge are those that appear during the interference segments of the activity. Specifically, you want to look for the Taken enemies who are marked on your HUD. These are typically going to be Centurions or Wizards, stronger enemies with bigger health bars. You’ll know you have the right ones if the counter on the side of your screen tracking your progress towards wiping out the Taken goes up when you kill one.

It can be a bit of a pain making it to where the Taken invade if they spawn across the map from you, but remember that you can use the Cabal jets in the middle of the area to gain ground quickly. Additionally, you don’t need to defeat the Taken all by yourself — getting some hits in during a coordinated attack should be enough.

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