How to Change Your Name in PUBG Mobile – Rename Card Guide

It somehow isn't as easy as changing your gender in this game...

Believe it or not, one of the internet’s most searched for PUBG Mobile questions (aside from where to get hacks, you losers) is how to change your in-game name. And when you think about it, it honestly makes a lot of sense. We live in a time where we’re encouraging each other to be our true selves; not who society tells us to be.

An online handle change can be a surprisingly safe and effective way to explore one’s blossoming individuality, but PUBG Mobile makes it surprisingly difficult to pull off thanks to its cluttered and convoluted UI. So here’s how to change your in-game name without spending what can feel like hours rummaging through a dizzying amount of menus.

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PUBG Mobile name change menu

How to change your name in PUBG Mobile

You can tap wherever you want; your avatar loadout, your profile picture, or even to the heavens above, but you won’t find a place to go from being “XxShadowKingxX” to “urmomsbuttXD” (you can thank our 100 Free Xbox Live Usernames post for that one) with one handy text entry menu. That’s quality UI design there that’s frankly not all too surprising for a F2P mobile title.

So how do you change your name in PUBG Mobile? How is someone who was introduced to weed at an impressively compliant socially-distanced party last night meant to change their in-game moniker from “JasperModernSonicFan” to “RockosModernSpliff” (yes, we have a 100 Free PlayStation Network Usernames post, too) to embrace their newly found self? Through in-app purchases, of course.

That’s right; despite giving in-game avatars unlimited, instantaneous (and free) access to gender swaps at the touch of a button, PUBG Mobile requires cold hard cash to swap a couple of alphanumeric characters around in a database. It’s not that easy to escape your past in this game.

To do so requires the use of a Rename Card. With one of those in your inventory, things do get as simple as they should have been from the start. You just use the item from your inventory on the main lobby screen, and you’ll be prompted to enter a new name you absolutely won’t want to change again 10 seconds later. Be careful, though: you can only change your handle once per day.

How to get Rename Cards in PUBG Mobile

If you’re set on changing your PUBG Mobile name, there are two ways to go about obtaining the rename card needed to it. One is repeatable, the other is not. Guess which one demands you open your wallet.

As a one-off, players get a rename card for free once they reach level 10. If you haven’t changed your in-game name before, chances are you’ll still have this freebie sitting in your inventory. If not, you’ll have to pony up.

To buy a rename card, you’ll need to head back to the main lobby screen. Tap the Shop icon on the right-hand side, open up the Treasures tab, and select the first option that looks like a neat little Amazon shipping box. Scroll about halfway down the items in this section and you should see a card with “ID” scribbled on it going for 180 UC. That’s the Rename Card.

Hit buy when you’re ready, use the card from your inventory, and you’ll be prompted to change your name. That’s it. You’re done.

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