How to Change Your Name In Fall Guys

Fall Guys has had a rocky launch and Mediatonic continues to chip away at all of the various issues players are experiencing. One of them may be a bit of a surprise to the average player though. At some point late last week, the developers made it so that everyone had predetermined names like Fall Guy 1534. In this article, we’ll explain why this is currently the case and how you can normally change your name, even if Mediatonic is overriding your changes for the time being.

Why Has Everyone’s Name Changed?

Shortly after the game launched, players discovered that they could inject HTML into their names. Aside from being annoying, this was also a security flaw so the developers quickly released a hotfix to automatically assign people’s names while they fixed it. Before this happened, you may have seen players with giant names, small names, or even just names that were huge square blocks that covered your entire screen, making it impossible to see.

Temporarily taking away people’s ability to change their names was absolutely necessary, at least on PC.

How to Change Your Name on PC

On PC, changing your name is as simple as altering your Steam nickname. Just hover over your profile’s name on the navigation bar and click onto your Profile. There you’ll see an Edit Profile button, click that. In the first field you can change your profile name to whatever you’d like.

You can do this as frequently as you’d like on Steam. As we mentioned, however, Fall Guys is currently overriding names and there’s no way to get around that.

For now you can only identify your friends using those four digit numbers.

How to Change Your Name on PS4

This process isn’t as readily available on PlayStation 4, but at least names aren’t being hidden on consoles. To change your name, you’d have to alter your PlayStation Network account’s name, which isn’t free or without risks. This process varies depending on where you complete it, though we recommend doing so on the PS4 itself.

  1. Go to Settings on your PS4.
  2. Select Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Online ID
  3. Enter your desired PSN ID. The system will tell you if it is available.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the process and pay the $10 name change fee. The first name change is free, however.

Keep in mind that not all games support the name change feature and may display your old title. There’s also some risks associated with this process. As we just said, your old name may show up in other titles, but you also might lose progress to some of your save game data, trophy progress, and access to purchased add-ons and currencies in some titles. These are apparently rare, but it is certainly something to keep in mind before you make the change!

And that’s it! We’ll update this post once Mediatonic once again enables player names, but until then you’ll just have to wait with the rest of us. There’s no way to get around it and the change is meant to keep everyone’s games at a higher quality and more secure.


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